Fintecture, the bank transfer payment solution


Payment without a payment terminal: how to easily cash a bank card with a smartphone?

Over time, payment by card has become the preferred method of payment in France. Until recently, physical shops were the only ones able to accept it with their CB terminals. This is a means of payment means of payment that it is necessary to to offer your customers, otherwise you risk losing them.. However, payment terminals for credit cards are bulky, not very portable and expensive. So the perfect alternative to all these problems is mobile payment terminals; you'll see that they work well for everyone and in all circumstances!


How does a mobile payment terminal work?

A short explanation to start with. A mobile payment terminal is a wireless device that can act as a sales terminal. Their main strength is that they can be taken anywhere and offer more freedom to businesses at a lower cost. Mainly used by freelancers and self-employed people due to lack of hardware, the mobile payment terminal only requires an internet connection, your smartphone and that's it.

In addition, payment applications have the great advantage of being able to make a transaction in distance or in person thanks to the payment links. They allow you to send or display a payment order to a recipient so that they can pay you. These links can be inserted anywhere for a remote payment or simply present a QR Code to your interlocutor in physical to scan.

Finally, there is no need to rent or buy a credit card payment device, which represents a significant cost of €30 less per month or up to €700 if you decide to buy it.

A payment solution for retailers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed

Today, thanks to payment applications, whether you are a locksmith, a small event organiser or a home coach, you can have a payment application everywhere and at a lower cost. 

With this freedom for businesses, payments can be made easily from any location, helping to improve customer service. Ideal for entrepreneurs who may not have the right equipment for their business, the mobile POS terminal also becomes an easy way to easy for businesses on the move companies on the move, sales representatives or craftsmen. In addition to this, the field of possibilities has been widened, since with the payment links, mobile applications give the ability to carry out a transaction in person or remotely, without necessarily having a website.

Terminal-less card payment for large companies

However, it is not only SMEs that benefit from the advantages of this solution. Card payment machines are usually located at checkouts, for example. Well, now you can reduce queues, speed up transactions and secure a payment directly on the shelf or from anywhere else! 

Payments via an application will generate a QR Code that the consumer only needs to scan to send you a payment. Payment flow overloads are avoided, payments are faster and will cost much less than renting multiple POS terminals.

Another use case would be when a sale needs to be closed quickly over the phone, simply send a link to the customer via SMS, email or instant messaging, so they can pay you directly.

Fintecture: the payment application of the future

Fintecture is an online, remote or physical payment solution that will allow you to collect your payments much faster, easier and at low cost. This is made possible by a unique technology where funds flow directly from one bank account to another without an intermediary.

To make a Payment Request with the Fintecture application, simply enter the amount, the order reference and your customer's contact details. Then, depending on your choice, an email will be automatically generated and sent to the payer, or a QR Code that you can share with others.

For the customer, no application is necessary, He scans or clicks on the link that will redirect him to his banking interface, he authenticates himself with his password, Face ID or Touch ID and validates the payment. The transfer is immediate!

  • No credit cards for total security of everyone's data;
  • The status of payments is visible in real time;
  • The funds are in your account between 10 seconds and 24 hours;
  • The transfer is irrevocable, so it can no longer be cancelled;
  • No card limits;
  • No intermediaries, the payment will definitely go through!

Discover Fintecture's EPOS-free payment

How much does the service cost?

As you can see, to use Fintecture, you just need to create an account and download the application. You avoid the purchase and rental costs of a credit card terminal.

But that's not all! Fintecture does not charge a fixed fee in addition to its commission. And because Fintecture eliminates intermediaries from the payment transaction, it can afford to offer a maximum 2% lower cost than other solutions. 

Download the application and turn your smartphone into an EFTPOS terminal:

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