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The 17 Best Construction Management Software (2024)

Need to simplify or modernize your management and organization of your work sites?

Tracking software is a godsend for craftsmen, contractors and companies in the construction industry. They allow an easier and flexible organization and to store data on a single platform to avoid the loss of documents. They can be accessed from anywhere for the most part and allow collaboration with external parties, such as customers or service providers, but also with workers by assigning them tasks or recommendations.

At the same time, if you are looking for materials for your building sites, our directory of building materials wholesalers offers a diverse selection to meet your specific needs.

Here is a list of the 17 best job site tracking software. Depending on the size of your company and your needs, you will be able to find the platform that best suits you.


Free software

Hilti's associates, Fieldwire is a construction site monitoring solution for the building trades that is used through an application. Its offerings start at 0 € for 100 plans and three projects simultaneously. 

In addition to its capabilities for planning, viewing, interaction, storage, etc., Fieldwire also accommodates architects and owners and allows them to collaborate with the rest of the team in real time. Fieldwire is also suitable for architects and project managers and allows them to collaborate with the rest of the team in real time.

Finalcad is a platform and application that allows you to follow your construction sites to offer a better quality to your customers, a better tracking of the progress, a more optimal security and a simplified collaboration. The basic offer is free. You can try the application with an unlimited number of projects. For companies with more needs, two other offers are available and if you want a customization of your profile, you can request a quote.

First of our list, Touch2build is a free tracking software for your beginnings. It is a software that adapts to many jobs since it is dedicated to: 

  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors/Suppliers
  • Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Design office
  • Control teams
  • Security teams
  • Property Managers
  • Syndicates of co-ownerships

Usable on computer or tablet from its application, however only available on the Google PlayStore, it allows you to list your projects, add plans, comment and make your reports and communicate with other actors of the site.

Archireport is a platform that assists you in all the daily tasks of monitoring your construction sites. Collaborate with your workers through remarks and annotations on plans or photos. Moreover, generate detailed and personalized reports of your projects directly from the application. Assign tasks or remarks to workers and let everyone know when they are on or off the job. Archireport promises you a very simple organization of the project management with cutouts and search filters and a direct interaction with everyone thanks to their "Live" system that allows you to approve requests and interact by email. The solution can be tested for 30 days for free.

Alobees is a mobile and digital solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Follow in real time all your work sites and plan with your teams the next steps. A time sheet is also integrated into this software for a quicker control and elaboration of payslips. Alobees also adds what it calls memos to be able to discuss more easily with each person according to the work sites. 

You have 30 days free, then the rate will be 40 or 80€ + 10€/user.

HR management included

This solution, which is 100% made in France, offers you access to your documents from anywhere with a device connected to the Internet. Three offers are available for the following advantages:

  • Management of quotes and invoices
  • Follow-up of the construction site
  • Commercial & Administrative Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Contract management
  • Planning & Resource Management
  • Accessibility & Mobility
  • Dashboard

The first subscription starts at 35€/month and offers only basic management with the possibility of adding additional modules. The second one is at 45€/month and offers a real possibility to follow the building sites through schedules and a dashboard, without the management of the after sales service and the payments. Finally, the third option allows you to have access to all the features offered by Bateam.

With its 20 years of experience, Optim'BTP is one of the pioneer companies of the building ERP. You have the possibility to optimize the planning of the building site, the follow-up, the studies, the realization and the financial synthesis. The building software also manages the directory and the documents of the building site. Moreover, there is a commercial follow-up and a possibility of management of the estimates and invoices. This platform also has a stock management and purchasing process. Optim'BTP manages the complete file of the employee with his authorizations and his equipment.

Onaya is a 360 solution that offers many features. You will be able to budget a project and compare the initial costing with the actual expenses. It is also equipped with invoicing software designed for the construction industry and, of course, a dashboard with reporting for efficient project monitoring. Finally, for the HR side, Onaya has an accounting and payment option that will certainly save you time thanks to its centralization.

Public works and real estate developers

PlanRadar is the tool that surely fits any size of business. Moreover, you have the possibility to pay for your main team and then interact with the rest of the people designated as observers and speakers unlimited and free of charge. 

This software allows you to :

  • Follow the progress of the work sites;
  • Connecting 2D drawings and BIM models to the construction phase;
  • Annotate comments or instructions;
  • Interact via chat with colleagues or suppliers;
  • Share videos or photos;
  • Continue or watch progress from multiple devices;
  • Export the data.

Test their simulator to see which offer would be best for you based on your activities. You also get a free 30-day trial.

In the field, at the office or on your smartphone, always have your projects at hand. Designed more for large companies, Archipad starts from 500 euros HT for an annual subscription and charges 828 euros for its offer dedicated to real estate developers. For a complete customization of your needs, the French company proposes a customized offer. 

The main functions of a software of follow-up of building site for professionals of the building trade are ensured:

  • Project management
  • Dashboard
  • Collaborative management
  • Document management
  • Plan management 
  • Personalization (customized offer)

Bulldozair is a software that adapts to all building trades. The company follows you from the beginning to the end of the works and allows you to :

  • Visualize all your projects
  • Plan your project
  • Collaborate with your teams
  • Report anomalies
  • Generate automatic reports
  • Improve traceability

The starting subscription is 99 €/month if you opt directly for the annual offer or 149 € by taking the monthly offer. The reading for providers or customers is free.

Another French company, Batiscript is a platform for managing and monitoring construction sites from the call for tender to after-sales service. It is available on mobile, tablet and computer for an update of information for all in real time. You have 3 offers depending on your business and your needs: DCE - Call for tenders, follow-up & deliveries and GPA.


Vertuoza is a software for construction contractors that is described as having a clear and easy to use interface. They offer four types of subscriptions depending on the size of your company and your needs. A Pro version that allows simple management of construction sites. A Pro+ version that offers more interaction with your internal or external collaborators. Then, we have the Expert and Expert+ versions where it will be possible to make statistical and financial analyses, but also to manage your stocks and even your material park.

A true interactive calendar and planning tool, this software allows managers and supervisors to monitor and optimize future and ongoing work. Novadys offers collaborative work, document management, hosting and access to customer contact information at all times for the building and public works industry.

Procore supports you in the pre-construction phases, including the ability to manage tenders, project management, resource management, and financial management. Also, DocuSign integration for simplified document signing is available. Capable of adapting to both general and specialized companies, Procore is also a site monitoring software for project owners and even for governments. The price of the software varies greatly depending on your company and your needs.

For large structures

Lets Build is one of the leaders in the market of construction software since it counts in its ranks no less than 4,500 companies including Vinci and the SNCF. You can imagine that if such a large number of customers trust it, the company offers everything to satisfy you. Planning, monitoring, reporting, collaboration... everything is included, the price will now depend on your needs. The offer starts at 99€ and is tailor-made beyond that. Moreover, if you need a QHSE application, Lets Build also has one that you can test for 10 days for free in premium version.

Another industry heavyweight, Kairnial is for you if you're a large structure. With the ability to collaborate and distribute instructions on 2D and 3D BIM models from any device, the software is one of the most complete. Kairnial's document and project management can be adapted to all phases of the construction cycle. Bouygues, Eiffage and Suez are among their many clients.

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