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A simple solution to request payments

With the payment request, you send a link to initiate a bank-to-bank transaction. An immediate, secure and cost-effective way to pay.


Collecting a payment in person or remotely with Fintecture

85% of SMEs believe that they could increase their business if they had more certainty about when they would be paid.

This need for legibility and anticipation was accentuated by the health crisis and its economic consequences. Working capital requirements have increased by an average of 5 days, while payment times have increased (+56%).

For B-to-B or B-to-C service providers, the payment request is a simple and cost effective way to request and track payments. This is why we at Fintecture have developed a solution that is suitable for both remote and face-to-face sales.

An innovation on a European scale

According to the ECB, this new functionality could account for up to 23% of transactions in Europe by 2023. The latest innovation in the financial ecosystem is thepayment requestThe latest innovation in the financial ecosystem, the "payment request" tool, simplifies the collection of payments and the management of corporate cash flow.

To do this, the company simply sends a request to its customer, by e-mail for example. Once the request is accepted, the transfer is initiated and the payment is confirmed immediately.

Requesting payment has never been easier

The first advantage of this solution : everywhere, all the time. We understand the challenges that every business faces and that's why we make sure we offer simple and cost-effective solutions.

With the payment request, we offer you the possibility to become your own sales channel. No need to manage payment terminals (TPE) or a e-commerce siteNo need to manage payment terminals (POS) or a payment system to pay for your current transactions, simply generate a secure request.

You can thus : 

  • Make a payment request in 5 seconds

From theFintecture customer areafill in the order amount, the customer information and choose your shipping option (email, link, QR code).

  • Improve your conversion rate

After one quarter, our clients saw a 4-fold increase in conversion rate for quote reminders. With the payment request, you turn every interaction into a sale.

  • Provide a seamless payment experience

Our product is based on the bypassing of bank limits, by cutting out the middleman, we eliminate all possibilities of illegitimate rejections. Moreover, there is no need to provide your IBAN, your customer simply needs to identify himself from his online bank.

  • Track your transactions in real time

Unlike a bank transferthe payment request is immediate and irrevocable. Once the payment has been made, it appears in the merchant's customer area and cannot be cancelled. Merchants can therefore start processing orders without delay and reduce their delivery times.

A solution for distance and in-store sales

In order to best meet the needs of companies, the Fintecture payment request is available in three forms. 

Sellers generate a payment link which is sent directly to their customer. This solution is for example used by the customer service advisors of Bewakan online shop specialising in outdoor leisure equipment (camping, hiking, cycling, planchas, etc.):

"We generate payment requests when we need to add to or change orders. Because it's secure, we don't have to ask for sensitive information over the phone. This makes us hyper responsive and free in managing our operations."

The link created can also be copied and pasted for personalised delivery via email or instant messaging. It can easily be inserted into a quote or invoice. On receipt, the debtor simply clicks to be connected to their bank and confirm the payment without delay. They are less likely to put off the invoice and forget about it. For companies, it is a way to save time by reducing the number of reminders.

Finally, the payment request is also used face-to-face. The seller generates a QR code which he presents to his customer. The customer only has to scan it to be able to make the transaction from his bank. This is a useful solution in shops for purchases that exceed the credit card limit or when there is no bank terminal, for example at trade shows or home sales.

Since our debut in 2018, thousands of websites have already adopted our solution. So do like them, opt for the simple and economical solution.

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