Fintecture, the bank transfer payment solution


Integrate our solutions into your e-commerce site or business tools

Whatever the size of your company and the capacity of your IT resources, we have solutions to support you.

At Fintecture, we've developed real expertise in installing our solutions and supporting your teams.

Integrations tailored to your needs

I want to collect payments,
but I don't have an e-commerce site.
I want to collect payments
on my e-commerce site

I want to integrate Fintecture into my business tools

I have a payment project and would like support

No need for a website to collect payments

Are you a craftsman, freelancer or simply looking to collect payments offline?

The link payment solution is for you.

Request a demo

If you have sales of less than 2 million euros, you will receive an e-mail with a presentation of our product and the steps to follow to open an account.

Create your account on the Fintecture console

Follow the step-by-step instructions to open an account, and a summary will be e-mailed to you with all the information you need.

Create a store in the console

Once your account has been activated by our compliance teams, it's time to open your store on your Fintecture space to collect your first payments.

Customize your interfaces and e-mails

To encourage the adoption of your payments, we recommend that you personalize the payment interface, your store, and the e-mails your customers receive to pay for their orders.

Generate your first payments

Now that everything is ready, you can collect your first payments by sending an e-mail or SMS, by inserting a link in your quote or invoice, or by presenting your customer with a QR code to scan.

Quick and easy integration into your CMS

API integration for greater freedom

Download and configure Fintecture on your website. Depending on your CMS, follow the step-by-step user guide.

When should I use API integration?

1. If your website does not use one of the main CMS on the market.

2. If you want to integrate our solutions into a mobile application.

3. If you wish to integrate our solutions into your ERP or business tools.

Custom projects

Do you have a specific integration project?

Do you have a project to overhaul your payment solutions, or issues around conversion, reconciliation or fraud?

Fintecture can help you design and implement all your payment projects.

Our case studies

Bricoman store


Enable sales associates to cash customers directly on the shelf 


Integration of payment links on the tablets of advisors present at advisory meetings 



Simplify and speed up the remote reimbursement of non-refundable credit card orders


Co-creation of the Verified Disbursement offer

Optimize your company's payment efficiency

Use Fintecture to optimize your collection process, increase payment acceptance, prevent fraud and grow your business.

Twice a month, take part in our product webinars to find out more about our payment solutions. You can also contact our teams directly for integration advice to see the added value of Fintecture more quickly.