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Bricoman is part of the Adeo Group (Leroy Merlin, Weldom, etc.), the world's third largest home improvement company for individuals and construction professionals. Thanks to its network of 38 stores and the expertise of its 2,300 employees, Bricoman has become the benchmark partner for building professionals. The brand stands out for its wide range of products, its competitive prices and its guaranteed and immediately available stocks. 

Challenge: shorten delivery times and offer the same customer experience, regardless of the sales channel

Although Bricoman also serves private individuals, its customer experience concerns are mainly focused on construction professionals, who are often on the move and under time pressure, particularly to orchestrate the orders required for the various projects in progress. Some of them therefore prefer remote orders and contact their usual store by e-mail or telephone. Others prefer to use the e-commerce site site, even outside of store hours.

Bricoman stores are still places where people can talk to each other, organized by sector (electricity, carpentry, etc.) and where specialized advisors are on hand to help customers. The latter are equipped with tablets, with a business application to take orders or make estimates directly on the shelf. Until now, the system did not manage payments, forcing the craftsman (already in a hurry) to go to the cash register, potentially waiting in line. It was therefore essential for Bricoman to deploy a payment payment solution adapted to the habits of professionalsIt was therefore essential for Bricoman to deploy a payment solution that was adapted to the habits of professionals, across all purchasing paths, with the same level of customer experience.

In addition, the construction market is characterized by very high average baskets. Bricoman's customers, used to paying by credit card, were often confronted with payment failures when they reached their credit card limit. The alternative was the classic bank transfer, which generated processing times (between 3 and 7 days), blocking the immediate processing of the order and lengthening the delivery times, even in case of stock...

"We need to remove the constraints of traditional payment methods to get all the advantages that payment by transfer can bring us."

Jean-Christophe Defossez

Jean-Christophe Defossez, in charge of strategic projects for Bricoman

Bricoman store

Immediate transfers: the ideal solution for cashing large amounts and streamlining orders

Bricoman has implemented the Fintecture Fintecture in order to :

Cashing in high average baskets with no limit

Payment by Immediate Transfer is an account-to-account payment. By choosing Fintecture, Bricoman customers are no longer blocked by their card limits, or run the risk of being blocked when making subsequent purchases. In this way, the immediate transfer has significantly improved the payment conversion rate and resolved a major sticking point for the company's customers.  

Offer an optimal customer experience, whatever the purchasing channel (online, remote, in-store)

With Fintecture, Bricoman customers can now enjoy a smooth shopping experience, with no interruption in the payment process. Unlike traditional bank transfers, they do not have to manually enter an IBAN from their online bank. The transaction is done from the Fintecture payment pages where all the information is pre-filled: amount, reference... Customers are then redirected to their bank space to validate the payment. The payment experience is similar to an online credit card payment, a fluid path that they are familiar with, whatever the context!

They find the same solution for their purchases on the website or directly on the shelves: advisors can now cash their customers on the spot. For this purpose, Bricoman has integrated the Fintecture payment solution into its business software. In just a few seconds, the advisor generates a payment link in the form of a QR Code. The customer "flashes" the code with his smartphone and can pay for his order: a much-appreciated service, which avoids the need for a checkout!

In the same way, for telephone orders, Bricoman advisors generate a payment link that they add to the customer's quote or order form before sending it by e-mail. 

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Get instant confirmation of payment to start preparing and delivering orders immediately

Up until now, the incompressible delay inherent in the traditional SEPA transfer did not allow Bricoman to launch the customer's order immediately. Even if the goods were available, the company had to wait for the funds to be received before launching the preparation. This was a real loss of earnings in order to be able to meet the urgent demands of certain construction sites and to have optimal stock management. Now, Bricoman receives immediate confirmation of payment and can prepare and deliver the order in record time: a differentiating factor for customers used to just-in-time delivery!

"It allows us to catch up on business that CB wasn't allowing us to do."

Jean-Christophe Defossez

Jean-Christophe Defossez, in charge of strategic projects for Bricoman

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Results: satisfied customers, increased sales

A measurable return on investment

Fintecture has allowed Bricoman to increase its turnover without increasing its acquisition costs: 

  • On the website, the solution has improved the site's conversion rate by reducing payment failures and encouraging re-purchases: additional sales that would not otherwise have been possible, partly because of the CB caps. 
  • Bricoman has also transformed its traditional order-taking channels into integrated sales channels. The Payment Request now enables teams to convert quotations remotely and collect sales on the shelves, without the need for an Eftpos terminal.
  • In addition, Bricoman is able to handle all orders, including the most urgent ones, and to keep a strong logistical promise: to deliver its customers within a day or even half a day!

"This allows us to address sales development levers that we were not doing before. Sometimes 30% of a Bricoman's turnover is achieved with this payment method."

Jean-Christophe Defossez

Jean-Christophe Defossez, in charge of strategic projects for Bricoman

A loyalty lever

Professionals are very enthusiastic about this payment experience. More than a payment solution, Fintecture is a marketing lever in its own right that actively participates in building the loyalty of demanding customers. This is essential for the BtoB market where repeat purchases and average shopping baskets are very high.

"Our customers who have had a taste of this payment experience are returning."

A successful deployment 

After a test in a few stores, the Immediate Transfer Fintecture was rapidly deployed throughout the Bricoman network in France and Spain. To simplify the adoption of the solution by employees and maximize its use, the solution was integrated via API into the Bricoman business application, used by advisors to take orders. 

"The first issue was to make the experience simple for our employee. And it is. Today, he doesn't realize he's charging our customers. Our customer, on the other hand, realizes that they are paying directly on the shelf!"

Jean-Christophe Defossez

Jean-Christophe Defossez, in charge of strategic projects for Bricoman

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How does Bricoman take advantage of payment initiation to boost sales across all its sales channels? Find out how the company meets the specific needs of its business customers with Fintecture's Immediate Transfer.


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