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Generate additional sales with Immediate Transfer

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Open Banking to enhance the shopping experience

Payment instructions: the simplified credit transfer!

As a payment institution, we have developed our own Open Banking payment infrastructure (without intermediaries) to guarantee a smooth and secure payment process. Our Immediate Transfer is based on payment initiation (PIS), enabled by the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2), and enables you to orchestrate an account-to-account transfer, without having to enter a beneficiary and IBAN beforehand. Paying by transfer becomes as easy as paying by card!

Banking expertise at the service of merchants

Our Virement Immédiat incorporates several years of R&D and reflects our in-depth knowledge of both banking IT systems and the processing habits of each bank. We offer you our ability to :

Fintecture benefits from a secure connection to over 3,000 banking APIs in France and Europe.

A solution for all
your sales channels


Optimize your conversion rate with an efficient payment method in your check-out.

In store

Offer your customers the option of paying by bank transfer in just a few seconds, directly on the shelf.


Simplify the collection of your quotes and invoices by integrating payment links.

Benefits for you and your customers

For you

A lever for generating additional

For your customers

All the benefits of
with a seamless experience

  • The ideal means of payment for cashing in high shopping baskets and securing strategic purchases
  • Irrevocable payment
  • More competitive costs than traditional payment methods
  • An omnichannel solution that covers all use cases: e-commerce, physical points of sale, remote order-taking, etc.
  • Account-to-account payment, without IBAN entry
  • Ceilings up to 30 times higher than bank cards
  • A seamless, secure customer experience, similar to an online credit card payment
  • Over 3,000 integrated banks

Unleash your sales

An average shopping basket on the rise

+20% is the average increase in the value of our customers' average shopping baskets.

An increase in conversion

"30% of payments correspond to high amounts that would have been rejected as CB payments." Bricoman

Loyal customers

More than 7 out of 10 payments are made by payers who have already paid with Fintecture.

How to maximize conversion?

To optimize your conversion rate, also activate the Intelligent Transfer. Complementary to the Immediate Transfer, it offers a payment experience identical to the classic SEPA transfer, while automating your reconciliation. 

An ideal solution for : 

  • your customers who already pay by bank transfer and don't want to change their habits
  • your business customers with more complex purchasing processes

Find out how our customers use our Immediate Transfer service at

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Edenred optimizes the purchasing experience of its customers thanks to the immediate transfer

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Bricoman generates additional sales thanks to immediate payment

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The Ligue Contre le Cancer saw a 13% increase in online donations

Optimize your company's payment efficiency

Use Fintecture to optimize your collection process, increase payment acceptance, prevent fraud and grow your business.

Twice a month, take part in our product webinars to find out more about our payment solutions. You can also contact our teams directly for integration advice to see the added value of Fintecture more quickly.