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"Thanks to optimized collection channels, our online donations have increased by 13%."

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3 questions to Antoine Enguehard
Digital marketing and digital fundraising project manager, Ligue contre le cancer (League against cancer)

The Ligue contre le cancer is an association that works for research, patient support and awareness, helping to drive back the disease and offer hope to those in need.

In his testimonial, Antoine Enguehard shares the challenges faced by associations, and explains how the integration of payment by bank transfer has considerably boosted online donation collection.

What payment issues did you face?

In the current economic climate, associations are impacted by the slowdown in the growth of donations. We face many challenges in terms of direct marketing, prospecting and loyalty-building. In recent years, the transition to digital technology has taken place naturally, offsetting the decline in traditional fundraising methods.

At the Ligue contre le cancer, we were faced with a number of payment-related challenges. On the one hand, we had to adapt to the diversification of collection methods. We need to adapt our payment methods to meet the expectations of all donors, whatever channel they use.

On the other hand, it was essential to ifmplify and secure the contributions of major donors. Like many associations, wee rely on the generosity of the public, particularly during the end-of-year campaigns. We were therefore looking for effective solutions to collect large donations. It was imperative to offer reliable and secure solutions, ensuring a smooth payment path to avoid any avoid abandonment.

How does Fintecture help the Ligue contre le cancer maximize its online donations and secure its major donors?

As Digital Marketing Project Manager, my mission is to maximize our online collections. It is therefore essential for us to have a solution that secures donations, especially for high amounts, as an alternative to bank cards. 

The integration of Fintecture on the iRaiser form, our online fundraising platform, has made all the difference. Our donors now enjoy a smooth, secure payment experience with all the advantages of a bank transfer. Thanks to payment initiation, they can make donations by bank transfer with ease, without having to enter our IBAN from their online bank. The payment ceilings are very high and allow for larger donations than by credit card.

For our part, immediate immediate payment confirmation allows us to generate and send the tax receipt to the donor automatically and instantly.

This payment by transfer solution has boosted the conversion of our online donations. It meets the specific needs of our major donors and contributes to the growth of our online fundraising.

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What results are you seeing?

Despite a complex and changing environment, the share and volume of the Cancer League's online donations are growing. Thanks to a better understanding of digital technology and optimized collection channels, our online donations have increased by 13%.

And Fintecture is a major contributor to this: donations made by Immediate Transfer have increased by 40%. We also note that the average Fintecture donation is €346which, depending on the period, is 3.5 to 4 times higher than the average non-Fintecture donation.

It's a win-win partnership that appeals to even our biggest donors. What's more, for us, commissions are more advantageous on larger amounts. Previously, our major donors used PayPal, which entailed much higher costs for us associations.

In short, Fintecture has simplified and secured our fundraising and contributed to the growth of our online donations. We are very satisfied with the implementation and partnership with Fintecture's open-banking solution. 

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