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Let's develop a more open world

The open-banking technology opens up huge opportunities for fintech players. We put our solutions at your disposal to build together better financial services and a more prosperous world for all.


Simply integrate the new payment standard

Does your app need to send or receive money with a flawless UX? Our payment API is made for that. Easier, safer and cheaper than the traditional system.

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Buy online

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Bill payment

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Account provisioning


Access financial data in real time

Identities, accounts, balances, transactions... What the bank knows, you will know instantly with our data access API. A guarantee of security and a real growth lever for your solution.

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Financial information

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Are you just launching your application? You want to modernize a recognized brand? Fintecture is help you for every project.

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 160 banks connected

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4 countries 

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24 standards


Choose security

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Compliance with technical standards

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Webscrapping stopped

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Bank-level encryption

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Strong customer authentication

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GDPR compliance

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Privacy by design

Developers are our friends

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Unique APIs for easy integration
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No need for a DSP2 license: operate under ours
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A pragmatic logic: discover, experiment, launch!

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