Fintecture, the instant transfer payment solution


Send out
payment requests hassle free!

Send a payment request by email, link, SMS or QR code

Transfer interface

A smooth and intuitive payment experience

Control interface

Track incoming payments in real time and get paid quickly

Immediate transfer:
Collect your funds in
in record time

How does it work?

Generate payment requests

Simply enter the amount, payment reference and customer details to create your request.

Share your request

Present in-store customers with a QR code, email it to them to pay for phone orders or include the link in your invoice.

Receive payments directly

Your customer confirms the payment directly in their secure online banking space. This means the customer is much less likely to forget or be defrauded, and you have fewer reminders to send.

Stay focused on your business, the
platform handles the rest

Find out how our customers
use immediate transfers

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