Fintecture, the bank transfer payment solution


Transform your customer experience with Verified Disbursement

800,000 payers
already use our transfer solutions

A unique solution for quick and secure refunds or credits to customer accounts

  • Refunds or credits to your customers' bank accounts by instant transfer without having to manually collect their IBANs
  • A secure pathway, enabling customer identity to be verified in a matter of seconds
  • Effective refund regardless of the payer's original payment method


An intuitive, fast and secure experience for your customers

control interface

Track your claims in real time

Immediate refund

A 5-minute refund for your customers, regardless of their original payment method, even if they didn't initially pay with Fintecture.

Client testimonial

Auchan reinvents its customer relationship management with Fintecture
immediate refunds

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+41 000€

saved per month

A cost of reimbursement reduced by



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Optimize your company's payment efficiency

Use Fintecture to optimize your collection process, increase payment acceptance, prevent fraud and grow your business.

Twice a month, take part in our product webinars to find out more about our payment solutions. You can also contact our teams directly for integration advice to see the added value of Fintecture more quickly.