Fintecture, the bank transfer payment solution

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Free up your sales with payment by bank transfer

Fintecture transforms payment by bank transfer to help you grow your business.

Whatever your sales channel or customer profile, you can convert every sale and streamline your collection processes.

payers already use our transfer solutions

More efficient payment by bank transfer, at the service of your

Maximize your conversion

At last, a fluid solution for high baskets and card rejects.

Optimize your accounting procedures

All payments "embed" order and payer information, for reliable, automated reconciliation.

Speed up order processing

Real-time visibility of payments received and automatic order status updates for faster processing of customer customer requests.

Offer the most suitable
payment options

Immediate transfer

Smart Transfer

Collect funds in record time, by automating an account-to-account payment. The payer validates his transfer via an automatic and secure connection to his bank account. There's no need to enter an IBAN: he simply confirms a transfer where all the information has already been pre-filled.

Your business customers don't have access to the company bank account, or are used to paying on the same IBAN? Benefit from the same embedded technology for automatically identified and pre-labeled funds.

Buy Now Pay Later B2B

Verified disbursement

Automatically grant payment terms for your business customers. Payer eligibility is checked in real time, cross-referencing information on creditworthiness and identity. Deferred payment thus embeds a payment guarantee to guard against the risk of non-payment and protect your cash flow.

Simply credit a bank account, having first verified the identity of the beneficiary. It's secure and instantaneous, making it easy to issue a refund, whatever the customer's original method of payment, or to make a payment to the customer (for example, to buy back second-hand merchandise). 

Automated reconciliation

Automatically identify all your cash receipts from our dashboard or directly from your bank account.

Fighting fraud

An anti-fraud system that complements the bank's, and can be configured according to your business sector, to secure your transactions and protect you from social engineering.

For all your
sales contexts

Adapted to your customers, whether professionals or individuals, our payment solutions can be deployed in all sales contexts.

Maximize your conversion rate with our money transfer solutions.

Say goodbye to abandoned shopping baskets and rejected orders due to overdrawn credit card limits, and offer your customers the most appropriate payment option (cash or due date).

Integrate our solutions directly into your CMS (Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify) and start collecting your first payments.

Accept orders that you wouldn't have been able to cash on the shelf in the past.

No need to worry about credit card limits, cash your customers directly on the shelf by generating a QR code for your customer to scan.

You'll receive instant confirmation of payment and your customer can leave with their order.

Convert your quotations more easily and speed up payment of your invoices by integrating our payment methods directly into them, or by easily sending a payment request by email / sms.

Maximize your performance


On your e-commerce site's
conversion rate


An increase in the
of average baskets


of payments identified

Leading companies use Fintecture to develop their business


We were looking for a modern reimbursement method that combines speed and simplicity, to improve our customers' experience and loyalty with faster remote reimbursements.

Ornella Djoukui - Chief Product Owner

This enables us to address sales development levers that we weren't doing before. In some cases, 30% of a Bricoman store's sales are generated by this payment method.

Jean-Christophe Defossez -
Strategic Projects Manager


I'm particularly impressed by the level of support we received throughout the project, the quality of our discussions, both in terms of follow-up and implementation, and your ability to challenge us.

Robin Dupuis - Projects Manager

Optimize your company's payment efficiency

Use Fintecture to optimize your collection process, increase payment acceptance, prevent fraud and grow your business.

Twice a month, take part in our product webinars to find out more about our payment solutions. You can also contact our teams directly for integration advice to see the added value of Fintecture more quickly.