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Optimize all your collections with Intelligent Transfer

800,000 payers
already use our transfer solutions

On-board technology:
100% of your reconciled transfers

Funds are collected on a payment account dedicated to you, enabling immediate detection of funds before they are disbursed to your usual bank account. Our reconciliation algorithms identify the payer and related invoices, regardless of the amount received. The order status is automatically updated in your CMS or business tools: you know exactly who's paying you, and when!

A solution for all
your sales channels


Boost your online conversion rate, including that of your business customers, by combining our transfer solutions.


Optimize your accounting procedures with a personalized IBAN directly in your quotes/invoices.

Benefits for you and your customers

For you

A 100% automated
bank transfer collection process

For your customers

The same procedure as for a traditional bank transfer

  • Automatic detection of incoming funds
  • Automatic transfer reconciliation
  • Eliminate the manual tasks involved in processing traditional transfers
  • Complementary solution to immediate transfer in the event of incomplete payment (useful for foreign payers and professional customers with complex purchasing processes)
  • Unchanged payment experience
  • Better visibility on the receipt of your funds
  • Faster order receipt
  • Recourse in the event of payment failure

Improve your cash management and productivity

Optimized internal costs

Reduce manual tasks: your accounting teams benefit from a reliable, automated reconciliation process. They are informed in real time of payments received, and can take immediate action with the customer or debtor.

Streamlined customer service

Your customers can track the receipt of funds in real time, enabling them to place orders. No more unnecessary reminders, or endless exchanges between sales, support and finance teams.

A controlled risk of fraud

No longer expose your bank details to all your prospects and customers. Secure your cash receipts by protecting yourself against the risk of identity theft.

How to maximize conversion?

To optimize your conversion rate, activate Immediate Transfer and Smart Transfer. Two complementary solutions that offer a seamless payment experience and free your teams from the time-consuming manual tasks associated with processing traditional transfers. 

An ideal solution for :

  • your customers who already pay by bank transfer and don't want to change their habits
  • your business customers with more complex purchasing processes

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7% increase in team productivity


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How does the diversification of payment solutions strengthen LD Medical's business?

Optimize your company's payment efficiency

Use Fintecture to optimize your collection process, increase payment acceptance, prevent fraud and grow your business.

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