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For the past ten years, Goodies Pub has been a recognized player in helping companies develop their brand awareness through online ordering of personalized objects and textiles. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the BtoB market and its challenges, Goodies Pub has developed a wide range of products to meet all kinds of needs: customer thank-you, events, team building, etc. Today, the e-commerce. website employs some twenty people.

Challenges: automate bank transfers to save time

Before the implementation of the Fintecture solution, only credit card payment was possible on the Goodies Pub website.

Problem : business customers are still very used to paying by bank transfer and are reluctant to change their method. Goodies Pub, which did not have a bank transfer payment module on its website, was obliged to process these requests by telephone or e-mail.

Assistants, secretaries and accountants were involved in time-consuming manual processes: providing the IBAN to the payer, ensuring that the funds were received, identifying the transfer, linking it to the order to be processed, etc. In addition to the risk of errors, the whole process considerably lengthened order processing time.

Sébastien Pinocheau, manager of the site, was looking for a solution to offer his customers a new way to pay by bank transfer, accessible online, intuitive and simple.

Behind this desire toautomate processes, and more particularly those related to the key stage of payment, Goodies Pub had several objectives for its teams:

  • facilitate and streamline the follow-up of transfers internally;
  • Reduce order processing time and delivery time;
  • free up employees' time to focus on higher value-added tasks.

"We had a great need to optimize the way we process orders. With Fintecture, we are much more efficient at handling payments and the customer experience has improved significantly."

Sébastien Pinocheau, manager @Goodies Pub

Solution: offer simple transfer options to customers, tailored to each individual

Goodies Pub has implemented the Fintecture " Payment Hub " which includes:

  • Immediate Transfer: payment is made in a matter of seconds, without IBAN entry, with immediate confirmation for the seller. Perfect for an optimal customer experience, 100% digital, fast and simple;
  • Intelligent Transfer: customers retain their payment habits by entering an IBAN, especially those with more complex expense commitment processes. For the merchant, on the other hand, the entire process is automated, from detection of receipt of funds to reconciliation. Teams no longer need to intervene manually.

Today, when paying at Goodies Pub, customers have the choice between two transfer solutions that perfectly meet their needs and constraints.

Virement Immédiat enables customers to pay by connecting to their bank, almost instantaneously, without having to enter an IBAN. But when customers don't have access to their company's bank account, they can't finalize their purchases via this solution.

In this case, they can opt for Intelligent Transfer. A unique IBAN is automatically generated for them . All that's left to do is transmit it to the accounting teams, who will then execute the transfer order. The status of the payment can then be tracked independently online by customers, in a similar way to parcel tracking.

Thanks to this personalized IBAN per buyer, for Goodies Pub, payment reconciliation is automated and simplified, and the risk of fraud is significantly reduced, by no longer exposing the IBAN of its bank account to all its buyers.

The Fintecture space, accessible online to merchants, enables them to track all payments received by Immediate Transfer or Smart Transfer.

Result: time savings for teams and a better customer experience

The e-commerce site's customers have direct online access to a 2-in-1 payment solution including either Immediate Transferor the Smart Transfer.

The icing on the cake: with Intelligent Transfer, customers can track the status of their payment in real time. Their customer experience is greatly enhanced.

80% reduction in the time needed to process orders

The implementation of the Fintecture payment hub (Immediate Transfer and Smart Transfer) hasautomated all Goodies Pub'stransfer flows.

Internal teams are completely freed up. No more manual interventions that slow down the processing of orders!

Automatically detected receipt of funds, automated reconciliation, no risk of error: the Intelligent Transfer enables total optimization of all operations, for direct gains in team productivity.


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