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Edenred has established itself as the world leader in special-purpose payment solutions. The Group has developed a digital platform of services and payments for all players in the world of work. Present in 45 countries, the group currently has 10,000 employees and offers 250 different solutions.

Challenge: cope with order peaks while guaranteeing instantaneous customer relations

Whether it is for Ticket Restaurant®, gift vouchers or turnkey services for CSEs, the activity of the Edenred group is sometimes subject to seasonality. Edenred called on Fintecture with a simple objective: to be able to respond to all orders with the same responsiveness. By obtaining immediate confirmation of payment, Edenred teams are able to process requests instantly, even during busy periods. 

Challenge: cope with order peaks while guaranteeing instantaneous customer relations

Immediate Transfer: the payment solution that reduces internal friction and increases customer satisfaction

Until now, the payment methods offered by Edenred to its customers had certain limitations: 

  • Payments by credit card were problematic due to high basket limits (often blocked above 4 K€).
  • The check and the "classic" bank transfer generated longer processing times (3 to 7 days), the preparation of the order being triggered only after reception of the payment.
  • These "traditional" payment methods also created friction and processing costs, including to track the receipt of funds, identify the payer and/or the order, and sometimes make several return trips to customers. These time-consuming processes slowed down the accounting reconciliation and, ultimately, the proper execution of the service.

Edenred has therefore chosen to implement the Immediate Transfer Fintecture, integrated directly into the payment page of its e-commerce site.

Deployed in just a few weeks, the Immediate Transfer Fintecture has enabled :

  • To bypass card limit issues for high for high baskets.
  • Offer a seamless user experienceA card-like user experience with no interruption in the online payment process, as opposed to a traditional check or wire transfer
  • Provide immediate payment confirmationReduce processing time, avoid bottlenecks during seasonal peaks, while securing the preparation of the order
  • Automate reconciliationsince the Immediate Transfer "embeds all order-related data (payer identification, order number, purchase amount) in the transaction: a major time-saver for the Finance department!

Result: A smooth payment experience for a stronger customer relationship

From convinced customers
80% of Edenred's customers have been quick to use the solution, particularly for its ease of use. The Immediate Transfer contributes to improving customer satisfaction satisfaction, a key issue for Edenred.

An efficient deployment
Fintecture has increased the productivity of the finance department by drastically reducing manual tasks related to payment tracking. By automating accounting reconciliation, teams are now able to respond to more orders.

"I especially remember the level of support throughout the project, the quality of the exchanges both in the follow-up and in the implementation as well as your ability to challenge us."

Robin Dupuis, Project Director - Edenred

Robin Dupuis, Projects Director for Edenred France

A reduction in direct and indirect costs
Fintecture has enabled Edenred to reduce the costs associated with the use of corporate bank cards by a factor of 4. but the real added value today lies in the improvement of business processes, to optimize reconciliation and reduce delivery times to between 3 and 5 days. days.

"A positive return on investment at all levels !"

Fintecture, a trusted partner for large corporations

As proof of their satisfaction and confidence, Edenred's teams are now deploying Fintecture solutions on other services.

"We'll go as far with Fintecture as we can to meet our customers' expectations and challenges."


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"Instagrume reduces delivery times and facilitates rent collection with the help of the payment request".

"Testing the Fintecture payment was very simple and effective. I was convinced to offer it to my customers"

"GreenMotorShop uses the Fintecture payment application for its in-store and remote sales".

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