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Founded in 1961 and part of the Mulliez Family Association, Auchan is a leader in mass retailing with a global reach. The group employs nearly 180,000 people, has a turnover of 31.6 billion euros and has 1985 points of sale. A new generation retailer, which combines the advantages of digital with those of the store to offer its customers a personalized shopping experience.

Challenges: digitize the reimbursement process to optimize customer relations

Prior to our collaboration, Auchan had to address two major issues:

Auchan first had to digitalize its physical after-sales service to allow its customers to be reimbursed remotely. Customers who made their purchases in store with their credit card had to go to the store to get their money back with their credit card. Auchan could not indeed make the refund directly at a distance.

In addition, Auchan also wanted to to modernize its e-commerce after-sales service because the reimbursement by credit card could be impossible when it was no longer valid (expiration...). Refunds were then made by Letter-Check, a complex system in terms of administration, manual, expensive (25 euros per refund) and long (4 to 5 days on average). This situation had a strong impact on customer satisfaction!

"We were looking for a modern reimbursement method that combines speed and simplicity to improve our customer experience and retention with faster remote reimbursements."

Ornella Djoukui, Chief Product Owner @Auchan Retail

Solution: Immediate Reimbursement speeds up payments and simplifies processes

Since November 2021, Auchan has been using the Immediate Reimbursement Fintecture solution. The benefits are visible, both for customers, who are now all reimbursed online immediately, in complete security, and for Auchan, which now has a modern, fully digitalized after-sales service management!

The benefits of Immediate Refund for Auchan :

  • Decrease in the cost of reimbursements ;
  • Reduction of refund processing time by digitizing the process (a refund link is sent by email or SMS to customers);
  • Optimization of the organization of the accounting department : reconciliation of reimbursements simplified without RIB processing clients ;
  • Better reactivity of the customer support service thanks to the immediacy of the refund payment status in the Fintecture control interface;
  • Improved customer satisfactionMore likely to repurchase products.

The benefits of Immediate Refund for Auchan customers:

  • Decrease in repayment times ;
  • Simplification of the refund process because the customer only has to confirm the refund request, without having to send a RIB manually;
  • Optimizing the customer experience who receives their refund directly into their bank account within minutes ;
  • Optimal security because the customer does not share his IBAN with a third party.

Result: a modern digital reimbursement experience for a customer relationship worthy of a retail giant

Fintecture has become Auchan's main after-sales service refund solution. Thanks to Immediat Fintecture, Auchan customers are now reimbursed in an average of 10 minutes... Goodbye 4 to 5 days with Lettre-Chèque!

Ornella notes: "Immediat enables Auchan to stand out from the competition thanks to a major technological innovation. Thanks to it, we remain at the forefront of our sector by transforming our customer relations in depth, in an innovative and sustainable way."

  • 22 million euros refunded to Auchan customers in 2022 ;
  • 10 minutes to get reimbursed on average;
  • A reimbursement cost reduced by 25;
  • Considerable financial gain for the 4,000 weekly repayments: over 41,000 euros saved per month;
  • 95% adoption rate;
  • Significant reduction in the volume of customer complaints.

"Our collaboration with Fintecture is a real success. It is indeed the first time that an ultra-rapid reimbursement solution is used on a large scale." Ornella states before concluding: "The flexibility and the strength of the Fintecture teams' proposals made the difference in achieving a rapid production launch. The Fintecture interface was very quickly adopted by our teams."

When asked, "What did you think of your reimbursement experience?" in a Net Promoter Score survey in July 2022, Fintecture scored 4.6/5 among the 144 respondents.

With the rapid adoption of the Immediat by a large majority of customers, Auchan has rolled out Fintecture technology to other Business Units, notably its marketplace, to enable visitors to get refunds on purchases. By the end of 2022 Payment by QR code Fintecture will also be available for in-store purchases.... and international deployment is also planned!


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