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The 25 Best B2B E-Commerce Agencies (2024)

Who to trust with your business?

The choice of CMS, web architecture, web design and marketing are not decisions to be taken lightly when creating your B2B e-commerce site. Due to lack of time or experience, these tasks are often outsourced, but how do you know which agencies are specialised in which field? Are they experts in their field? Do they have the right tools? These are questions you should ask yourself and which we will try to answer in this article.

All the agencies you will find below are guaranteed quality in B2B e-commerce, they will only differ in their expertise in specific areas. It is up to you to make a choice according to your needs and budget.

In addition, if you want to find a list of specialized agencies with PrestaShop or Magento it is also possible.


PrestaShop Agencies

The 16 years of expertise of this Prestashop agency agency has enabled it to acquire references such as Hertz, BNP Paribas and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, no less. We quickly understand why when we see all the areas of expertise in which Yateo supports its clients. From consultancy to design and acquisition, which includes, among others:

  • Audit & Analysis
  • Project management : (A)MOA / (A)MOE
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Setting up an action plan
  • Assistance in writing business plans
  • UX/UI
  • CMS development
  • Data Analytics & tracking

Launched in 2003, Soledis is an e-commerce and web marketing agency based in Paris. We help you build your project through the choice of CMS (PrestaShop, Shopify, WooCommerce), the theme and visual identity, the functionalities and the performance. 

The notoriety and visibility of your site are also projects on which the agency will provide you with its expertise thanks to different marketing levers.

Its clients range from large accounts such as Arredo Chef and aZenn as well as SMEs. Moreover, Soledis is a partner of the payment solution Fintecture allows you to collect your payments by immediate transfer directly from the client's account and without any intermediary.

Agency already trusted by DHLEvolutive Group is a 100% e-commerce platinum partner of PrestaShop. 

The agency's services are as follows:

  • Commercial management (management and animation of the site)
  • Marketing solutions 
  • PrestaShop website and module creation
  • Microsoft Azure hosting

Evolutive Group is also a partner of the online payment provider Fintecturea French leader in new account-to-account payment technology that offers immediate transfers without the need to use a bank card or share an IBAN.

Nukium is an e-commerce agency specialising in the creation of e-commerce solutions for ESNs and in the support of e-retailers.

The Montpellier agency Nukium is a true "360°" agency, its ambition is to accompany merchants throughout the entire life cycle of their online activity: creation of online shops, web design (UI) & UX, e-commerce consulting, web marketing, referencing...

The agency designs online shops with a unique web design using PrestaShop, Shopify, weezbe, Magento, weezbe or WordPress and WooCommerce solutions.
The software engineering division also designs applications in the cloud for major accounts.

Webxy is the recognised specialist in the exchange of e-commerce/ERP site flows thanks to its dedicated solutions for linking your software to Cegid and Sage. Platinum partner and certified trained developer PrestaShop, the agency has a real know-how of the CMS. 

It assists its clients with the entire creation, training and graphic integration of the PrestaShop shop, but also offers support/maintenance services and other services such as referencing or the development of specific modules. Webxy also works with WordPress for the creation of institutional websites.

Obviously specialized on Prestaphop if it is in this part, MDWeb is an agency able to accompany its customers on various fields as you can see below:

In addition, the modules are tailor-made and include tools such as WeGlot, a site translator for a multilingual site, Monitorize, which automates e-commerce monitoring, and RGPD and automatic product positioning modules.

This Angevine agency is an expert in PrestaShop B2B site integration and operation.

Its services include :

  • the integration of a means of payment, 
  • the creation of PrestaShop modules, 
  • integration of graphic elements
  • creation and modification of custom PrestaShop themes 
  • Migration or upgrade of your shop to PrestaShop
  • Referencing and brand awareness

Apart from that, ether création can connect your e-commerce shop with numerous ERP systems and integrate a PIM. The agency is also the only one to have developed a module that is compatible in both directions between PrestaShop and PIMCORE.

This PrestaShop certified e-commerce agency seeks to respond to all issues. It has a detailed and complete methodology for the creation of your e-commerce site.

It continues to work on traffic acquisition through SEO and digital advertising. UX optimisation is also a lever on which Arpa can help you, as well as hosting solutions and training. Finally, the agency establishes specific developments from A to Z at the request of their clients.

With more than 8 years of experience in developing online shops, E-Komerco is a freelance OPQUAST certified expert with PrestaShop and these are not Engie, RueDuCommerce or K-WAY will tell you otherwise. 

This freelance can take care of the complete management of a project from SEO optimization to the addition of functionalities and the support of an e-commerce strategy. E-Komerco Agency's skills in e-commerce development can be adapted to everyone's needs. It offers web development, conversion tunnel improvements on PrestaShop, page load time optimisation and hosting changes.

So if you are looking for PrestaShop know-how at more affordable prices, this freelancer is for you!

Magento Agencies

Calliweb is a French digital agency with expertise in Magento and Magento 2. We are dealing here with a complete and experienced agency as it was one of the first to integrate Magento. Calliweb is very versatile. Whether it's a B2B or B2C e-commerce site, creation, redesign or migration, Calliweb can do it. 

In its support process, the agency can help you with site architecture in order to have a strategic structuring of information. It also takes into account the different types of target profiles and adapts to the persona. Calliweb will also help you build an e-commerce platform around tools and services that are useful for feeding your information system in a simple and efficient way (ERP, CRM, PIM, etc.).
Finally, a good web platform is accompanied by appropriate technology and modules. This is why we offer Magento 2, Sylius and PWA integrations. Companies like Carrefour, Cdiscount and Galeries Lafayette already trust them.

If you are looking for a web agency, but not only, 410 GONE will satisfy you. The company is a Lyon-based agency competent in terms of :

  • SEO strategy: a full audit is carried out before starting the project
  • Web architecture: the display times and components of the site that communicate with another element or users
  • Magento integration: security maintenance, update, migration from another solution  
  • Webdesign : UX design

This agency, based in Paris and Nantes, is an expert in the integration and creation of Magento B2B and B2C e-commerce sites. The skills around Magento are complete as they include creation, migration, maintenance and training. 

Tangkoko's e-commerce offer does not stop there. The agency also takes care of the interfacing of solutions such as ERP or optimization and hosting. Although it is an expert in Magento, it also has knowledge of PrestaShop.

Agence Dn'D is an e-commerce agency that provides advice, creation and support for your e-commerce site. This means that with a creation process started or not, it will take care of orienting you on technical, graphic and marketing advice. As far as creation is concerned, Dn'D is a great specialist in Magento integrations but also in tools such as Akeneo, the ORO suite and Adobe. It adapts to the graphic charter for ergonomics and adapted designs in order to facilitate maintenance and support. It is an e-commerce agency for B2B and B2C platforms.

Shopify Agencies

For the creation of an online shop Shopify we propose GradiWeb. This agency, which has been built since 2015 around its values of bringing together passion and digital, is able to create a tailor-made e-commerce site for you. GradiWeb is cut out to take in hand the integral design of your site, offering you :

  • E-commerce website creation
  • Application integration
  • Design and content marketing strategy
  • Web development
  • Managing the blog

In addition, depending on your wishes and needs, they will be able to take you to the next level with their expertise on Shopify Plus. 

Multipurpose (WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento)

DATASOLUTION's teams and their know-how will support you at every stage of your project. Whether you need advice on strategy or architecture, UX consulting, custom development, hosting or maintenance in operational conditions, they rely on their collaborators, all experts in their field. They support you throughout the deployment of your PIM/MDM solution with an agile approach focused on user experience, creativity and originality.

The agency uses quality solutions to carry out your tailor-made projects such as Intershop, the Adobe suite, PimCore, Akeneo and ShopifyPlus, Marketplace, WSO2, data solution cloud and AWS. Its expertise has enabled it to acquire clients such as Lactalis Group, At the building forum or Sonepar.

If you are looking for an agency with expertise in e-commerce website design, Senzo is a serious option. Partner of brands such as TotalKronenbourg and Orpi, the company handles both B2B and B2C e-commerce sites and is involved in the entire process from creation, to redesign, to web marketing and site maintenance. Another great strength of the agency is its diversity in various modules since it is able to accompany you as well on Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress... Finally Senzo creates templates, logos and integrates extensions for a tailor-made e-commerce development.

Antadis is a digital agency specialising in the creation and operation of e-commerce sites for pure players, brands and retailers. It has a strong experience since 2002. During the creation of an e-commerce site, Antadis will accompany and advise you on your digital project with expertise and a user UX focus. In the context of a redesign, it will evaluate the site's performance in a complete audit in order to understand the technical and functional problems that need to be resolved.
The agency relies on quality tools and modules such as the Magento and PrestaShop CMS, but also Sylius, the B2B e-commerce solution ORO Commerce as well as other ERP, PIM, UX, CRM partners, etc.

Axome is an agency specialising in CMS, e-commerce, automation, data, marketing and performance solutions... It is known for having references such as the group Casino, Continentale and Galeries Lafayette. The agency specialises in PrestaShop, as it is the most suitable for a B2B platform, but also works with other e-commerce CMS. Axome also helps with the organisation of data and the reconciliation of solutions. Support is very important to the agency, which is why it offers marketing and performance analysis solutions.

This B2B agency supports companies such as Vinci and OTIS and has several strings to its bow:

  • Advice on opportunities and launching B2B e-commerce sites for an optimal start. But also customisation in case there are market specificities or requests to connect to your customers' purchasing software. 
  • Lead acquisition
  • Retention through strategies for maintaining contact with customers and leads
  • Content strategies to develop your online presence 
  • Training in the operation of the existing or implemented site

As its name suggests, this e-commerce agency is a specialist in B2B. In what it proposes to you there is of course the creation of a site with a 360° approach (design, parameter setting, support) thanks to major CMS like PrestaShop, Shopify and WooCommerce. In addition, you have the possibility to get help in the creation of a showcase site in order to make your activity better known, but also to take advantage of their e-connector, a management software designed to connect your site to an ERP. Finally, B2B Online is also an agency capable of doing web marketing (SEA, SEO, CM...) in order to increase your notoriety, generate traffic and build loyalty among prospects.

The steps to create a BtoB e-commerce website consist of the following characteristics with Smotly :

Apart from that, the agency is a partner of Microsoft Business Central, which it considers to be the best ERP on the market. The agency also creates showcase sites and offers content creation. 

In addition to the fact that the first audit is free, Smotly differentiates itself with the implementation of a PWA for mobile, which saves you from developing an application since the website will work in the same way as it does.

The site is a B2B and B2C e-commerce agency that creates "exceptional online experiences" for e-commerce platforms already online.
Depending on your needs, it performs audits and analyses to identify problems and advises you on digital strategy. In addition, the site is experienced in interface design and user experience (UX and UI) in order to meet your customers' expectations. The company also offers development and monitoring of your website using quality technologies and solutions such as Magento, Shopify, Oracle, WordPress, etc.
Finally, the agency offers training and optimisation services to make the platform as profitable as possible.

Transacts is a web agency that assists its clients in creating, redesigning or optimising B2B and B2C shop websites. 

The creation stages consist of a preliminary study and the design of the platform's graphic charter. In order to develop it in the best possible way, an SEO analysis is carried out before it goes online. Also, for each project, a personalised team of professionals will support the client in the various areas that require it. Transacts is an agency that masters the main CRMs and CMSs of merchants, which makes it one of the most versatile agencies on this list.

The Dijon-based agency business web creates high-performance, ergonomic sites with a meticulous design and 360° support. Discover their many skills through the image below.

The Shop Application CMS

This agency from Brest has the particularity to be based on Shop Applicationa CMS for creating and selling multi-channel websites for the design of your online shop.

This solution allows you to sell your products on the internet, to create and send quotes, to make online reservations, to animate your site from a web marketing point of view, to link the stock of your physical shops and your online shop... The e-commerce agency will be able to advise you on each stage in the life of your e-commerce site: domain name, strategy to adopt, ergonomics, design, etc.
On the B2B side, it has creations such as D.E.S or Jardi expert.

B2B marketing agency

As a little bonus, we offer you Junto, certainly one of the most famous marketing agencies since it has very prestigious clients such as Livestorm, CubynCdiscount and others. 

The agency offers a wide range of services:


  • SEO
  • Media management (advertising on the main social networks, programmatic, retargeting)
  • Tracking and Data services (Google Analytics, data studio...)
  • Design 
  • Specialist advice on Shopify 
  • CRM optimisation


The right payment solution for your B2B e-commerce site

The payment solution for your online shop is just as important as the rest of the customer's shopping experience. That's why we offer a solution that will benefit you and your customers. 

The Fintecture immediate transfer is the first payment method in France that works without intermediaries. As a result, the payment goes directly from one account to another within 24 hours with no additional fees, no friction or payment failure and no card limit. The transaction is irrevocable, so you can start preparing the order without the risk of backtracking. 

For the customer, there is no need for a complicated and sensitive card or IBAN to be exchanged or entered on a site. They will simply be asked to choose their bank, identify themselves and validate the transaction to initiate the payment.

If you want to know more about the immediate transfer Fintecture.

Overview of BtoB payment solutions

In this guide, Fintecture offers you an overview of BtoB payment solutions (cash and due date) and highlights various payment trends.

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