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The 25 Best PrestaShop Agencies (2024)

Are you looking for a PrestaShop agency near you?

PrestaShop is a Made in France solution and one of the world leaders in e-commerce. With more than 250,000 online shops located in 200 different countries, PrestaShop is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in the world today. It is therefore normal to find a lot of agencies offering their services, but which one should you trust for the creation or development of your e-commerce shop? 

The agencies listed below are all of high quality and for the most part Platinum Partners of the CMS. They are all competent in B2B and B2C unless otherwise stated. They all have their own specialisations in different fields, so you will find one that will fit your needs and your location. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a list with only B2B e-commerce agenciesspecialized in other domains and CMS, or a list with agencies specialising in Magentowe invite you to consult our dedicated article.


Agencies in Paris + Paris region


Yateo is a Parisian PrestaShop agency able to accompany you on various consulting, design and acquisition projects. Its areas of expertise range from auditing, to managing and developing your project with UX/UI designs and web marketing recommendations. His 16 years of experience have enabled him to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and BNP for example. 

Headquarters in Vannes - Paris - Nantes

Solédis is an e-commerce web agency with expertise in development, integration, SEO/SEA and web design. We can assist you in B2B or B2C and, in order to save time between your site and your infrastructure, we can set up the interface with your ERP, CRM or PIM.

Paris - Saint-Genis-Laval - Bordeaux

Platinum partner of PrestaShop like most of the agencies on this list, you can easily entrust the management and animation of your e-commerce site to this agency. Evolutive Group Evolutive Group is competent in simple and efficient website creation, SEO and Microsoft Azure hosting.


We are dealing here with a first choice partner for PrestaShop, since Webxy is a Platinum Partner and certified trained developer with the CMS. It is also specialised in the exchange of flows between e-commerce sites and ERP thanks to Cegid and Sage

It supports customers throughout the creation, training and graphic integration of PrestaShop shops. In addition, it offers support/maintenance services and other services such as referencing or the development of specific modules.


With several PrestaShop certifications that it proudly displays as you can see, Ecomiz is specialised in various e-commerce activities such as shop and showcase creation, web marketing, web design and SEO. 

Regarding PrestaShop templates, modules and training, it is one of the only ones to be transparent and display its prices on its website.


First freelancer on this list, Harry Maarek is a PrestaShop SEO expert and trainer. As a former developer of the CMS, he knows the ins and outs perfectly. He provides services ranging from creation and integration of mock-ups to updates and development of modules, and finally to PrestaShop evolutionary maintenance. Harry Maarek is also specialised in PrestaShop SEO optimisation and training.

Paris - Bordeaux - La Rochelle

TargetWeb is an e-commerce web agency, which, in addition to its qualities has the particularity of having a CSR certification. Its expertise lies in :

  • Graphic design (web and print design)
  • The website (showcase site, e-commerce)
  • Web marketing (referencing, networks and audit) 
  • Accommodation 
  • Maintenance 
  • The training

Agencies of Montpellier


Nukium is designed to support merchants throughout the life cycles of their online businesses: 

  • Creation and migration of online shops, 
  • Optimization
  • Web design UI and UX, 
  • E-commerce advice, 
  • Marketing, 
  • SEO


Arpas 3 is a PrestaShop agency from Montpellier and for her, this means a lot. She defines her job by the following actions:

  • E-commerce website creation
  • Traffic acquisition
  • UX optimisation
  • Training, strategy and consulting
  • Hosting solutions
  • Customer-specific development

Agencies of Lille


Competent on several CMS, as you can see on the image above, MDWeb is nevertheless one of the most experienced on PrestaShop, being also a Platinum partner. The agency will be able to listen to you on various requests for creation/redesign of shop, hosting, connection to ERP, security, as well as performance improvement and on the creation of modules. 

In addition, these modules are tailor-made and integrate tools such as 

  • WeGlot, a website translator,
  • Monitorize, which automates monitoring,
  • RGPD modules, 
  • automatic product positioning modules.


Before even starting to work on your project, this Lille-based agency carries out a technical development phase upstream on the project's design and UX of the site. Only after that do the launch or development stages of the e-commerce activity take place. 

IT-Room assists its clients in defining their positioning and the integration of their e-commerce site in their environment:

  • Catalogue integration (PIM)
  • Integration with the order picking system
  • ERP integration 
  • Integration into the marketplace


Second freelancer of this list, but not less competent for all that. Fabrice Fabrice will first assist you with the SEO of your PrestaShop shop if it already exists, otherwise, as a B2B specialist, he will help you with the complete design of your e-commerce site. In addition, migrations and redesigns are also part of his skill set, as well as performance optimization, which he proves to you through the impressive loading speed of his site.

Agencies in Bordeaux


Getting started quickly and well are the promises of Noox if you are still at the beginning of your project. The services we offer are wide-ranging and are sure to suit your ambitions.

In addition, the Bordeaux e-commerce agency also knows how to optimise and develop an existing site through referencing tools, web design, speed, networks, etc. The list of skills is long. Noox intends to make you indispensable in the eyes of your customers and leads.

Bordeaux - Biarritz

This agency specialises in the creation of e-commerce sites and designs simple and modern sites, with ergonomics specifically designed to promote conversion. A PrestaShop partner for several years, it is also specialised in web marketing.

Agencies in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence


E-Partner is a PrestaShop expert agency that manages sites that have generated millions of euros in sales. They intend to boost your shop with several services:

  • Natural and paid referencing (SEO/SEA)
  • Analysis of conversions to sales
  • Google My Business local listing
  • Google Shopping referencing (highlighting products with prices)
  • Advertising Social networks Facebook, Instagram linkage, LinkedIn, Youtube
  • Visual or video advertising campaigns (Google Display, Youtube...)
  • Dynamic Remarketing and Retargeting via Google or Criteo


Certainly one of the best known agencies on this list. Profileo is the PrestaShop maintenance agency par excellence, having already worked for groups such as Hermès, BUT or Deelux. Transparent about its prices in advance, the agency offers "time credits" according to the amount of time required for the intervention. 

Profileo's offers include:

  • On-demand technical support for the evolutionary maintenance of your PrestaShop shop
  • Optimised performance, safety
  • A technical audit to bring your PrestaShop shop up to date
  • Optimised hosting to boost your site


Quai 13Quai 13 is a very promising and complete agency. It accompanies the success of your e-commerce project on services of :

  • PrestaShop shop management and creation
  • Website development 
  • Mobile application 
  • Emailing (newsletters)
  • Hosting 
  • Training 
  • Taking and producing photos and videos


Developer of PrestaShop modules, Pliciweb is an agency that assists companies in optimising page URLs, combining different modules and adapting tax rules according to customers and the country of delivery. 

These modules will aim to boost your site with more functionality.

Agencies in Lyon

Chambellay - Bourg-en-bresse

In addition to offering PrestaShop module creation services, the agency Ether Creation advises and integrates the majority of payment solutions to your shop, including the immediate transfer Fintecture. In addition, merchants will be supported in the creation and modification of site themes, shop migrations and referencing.

In addition, Ether Creation takes care of connecting your e-commerce shop with numerous ERP systems and integrating PIM. The agency is also the only one to develop a bi-directional compatible module between PrestaShop and PIMCORE.


Web-konseilthe agency that has a global web and digital offer accompanies you on :

  • Creating a WordPress showcase site
  • Creation and redesign of an e-commerce site with a specialisation in PrestaShop
  • Maintenance and bug fixes
  • Accommodation 
  • Referencing 
  • Marketing strategies and data analysis

Agencies in Brittany

Angers - Nantes - Le Mans - Rennes

Net concepte is a PrestaShop web agency able to provide you with solutions in terms of advice and support on strategies and security among others. It also offers of course the creation of shop and e-commerce showcase site.
Moreover, if you are looking for a graphic designer to improve the UX or UI, this agency will also be able to intervene on these points, as well as for website hosting services.


Impulsion is an agency with a very clear guideline which has at heart to satisfy its customers. The stages of creation are as follows:

  1. Meeting
  2. Project analysis
  3. Project scoping meeting
  4. Graphic design
  5. Development
  6. Intermediate project monitoring points
  7. Web marketing
  8. Validation of the complete system
  9. Customer training
  10. On-line and referencing declarations
  11. Optimisations and developments over time

Central and Perpignan branches


Another web agency specialised in PrestaShop, Ascens strives to find the right solution for each request. It knows how to create e-commerce websites, will help you on SEO, has skills in customer experience and trains on digital marketing.
Moreover, Ascens will also help you to optimize the management of your shipments.


After 15 years of experience in the creation of websites, Nichetoo has acquired a real know-how in the development of online presence. 

She is competent in the creation of a showcase site and your PrestaShop online shop and is able to offer you hosting and the creation of domain names. Furthermore, she can design a visual identity and ergonomic and graphic sites that can be adapted to all reading media.


As the agency clearly states on its website, it is specialised in PrestaShop and works on various needs. It is the only Platinum partner in the Centre region.
Its projects are tailor-made and start with an assessment of the site before starting the design work. It continues by offering hosting, training, maintenance and marketing solutions with designs that are obviously adapted to each platform.


Need an innovative payment solution for your PrestaShop e-commerce site?

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This new technology allows merchants to collect payments directly from their customers' bank accounts. This means that the payment goes from one bank account to another without an intermediary and without the need for a bank card or IBAN at the time of purchase.
Fintecture instant transfer is a way to collect payments at low cost, quickly as the funds are in the merchant's account within 24 hours and securely as no sensitive information is exchanged.

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