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Payment link: what is the best option in France

Find out which link payment solution is right for your business. For private individuals or professionals, in B2C or B2B, sent link payments are one of the major payment innovations of recent years. Flexibility and speed are its strengths. 


What is a payment order/link?

A payment link allows you to send or present (QR Code) a payment order to a recipient so that they can pay you. This link can be sent by different options such as email, SMS, instant messaging, but can also be inserted on an invoice.

This makes it possible to collect a payment remotely or in person without using a conventional payment terminal. The customer information, the amount and possibly the deadline can be determined in advance.

Create a payment link

Fintecture Payment Request

Fintecture's link payment called Payment Request can be made in a matter of seconds in three different ways. Simply enter the amount order reference and customer details, and choose the method of dispatch.. You'll be able to make a distance or in-store sale in just one minute!

Send a payment link

Payment by URL link

Create a payment link or payment URL, to be sent from the channel you want or to insert in an invoice for example. Your customer will only have to click on it to validate the payment.

Payment link by email

You're on the phone with your customer and want to close a sale on the spot, with the DPayment Requestgenerate a payment link, which will be e-mailed directly to your customer. All he has to do is click on it to confirm payment.

QR Code payment link

The payment by QR Code is particularly effective when you are in physical contact with a customer, it will help you finalise a sale or service immediately with them. Once your link has been generated, you can either choose to display it as a QR Code and have it scanned immediately using an application. Or you can choose to insert it in a message, an email or an invoice as a classic link.

Your customer will only have to validate the payment by connecting to his banking interface, no need for an application for him!

For craftsmen or self-employed people:

Any smartphone can be easily transformed into an EFTPOS terminal 

For merchants :

Avoid waiting at the checkout, pay directly on the shelf

Secure data

The solution takes great care to ensure the security of merchants and customers alike. By using Demande de Paiementyou can be sure of 100% secure payment and a Banque de France-approved payment provider.

No need to transfer bank details

The payment by link does not require entering the bank card code or IBAN. In fact, once your customer has scanned or clicked on the link, they will have to choose their bank, connect to it, validate the transaction and that's it! No one enters or transmits any sensitive data. It is therefore possible to make a remote payment order that is totally secure.

Strong authentication

Authentication is a multiple identity verification procedure. The customer logging in with his or her code, Face ID or Touch ID at the time of payment, protects both parties from possible fraud charges.

How to integrate payment links

A payment platform for all

The payment links of Fintecture fits all.

After quickly opening your account, you can create payment links directly. It is not no need to have a website to collect to collect payments. Whether you are self-employed, a craftsman, an entrepreneur or a larger company, the process and functionality remain the same.

Whether on your computer or on the application, everything is adjustable in your customer area. You will find the possibility to make payment requestsYou will find the possibility to make payment requests, the status of sent payments as well as previous payments downloadable as a CSV file to facilitate the reconciliation of your cash receipts.

Discover the Payment Request

Modes of use

A payment link can easily be used in several ways:

  • With the Fintecture application, every smartphone becomes a payment terminal 
  • Reduce the waiting time at the checkout and collect directly from the shelves
  • Insert your link in an invoice to avoid dunning or forgetting

Case studies

Greenmotorshop is a B2B and B2C retailer of electric scooters and motorbikes that wanted to offer their customers an immediate payment method without card limit problems in shop. Thanks to this flexible and fast way the companyThanks to this flexible and fast payment method, the company was also able to reduce its waiting times, since the irrevocability and instant confirmation of the transfer eliminates payment delays.

Below are two more case studies, which explain different applications of this solution and how these companies were able to solve their payment problems.

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