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WD International was launched in 2016. The pure-player specializes in the supply of spare parts and accessories for smartphones. It has since established itself as the go-to partner for professional repairers (independent, franchised and internet retailers). Based in the Rennes region, the company is active in France and abroad, and employs around 30 people.

Challenge: Unleash sales by modernizing payment solutions

WD International initially offered its customers traditional payment methods: credit card and bank transfer.

For Raphaël Chareyron, e-commerce manager at WD International, "the credit card payment limits were clearly a limit that we had to exceed, both for our customers and for ourselves

"Inaddition, due to difficulties with the authentication process of payers during CB purchases, baskets were sometimes not finalized and customers went to the competition," adds Raphaël. WD International's internal processes were also impacted, as account managers were often asked by customers to help them with their authentication. 

It was against this backdrop that WD International turned to Fintecture, because the Immediate Transfer meets all these needs.

"The credit card payment limits were clearly a limit we needed to exceed, both for our customers and for us."

Raphaël Chareyron, E-commerce Manager @WD International

Solution: Bypass payment limits and simplify checkout

Since April 2022, WD international has been offering its customers the Fintecture Fintecture.

The Immediate Transfer enables pure player customers to :

  • Circumventing their CB bank limits;
  • Pay for their purchases more quickly;
  • Have a high level of security, as no transfer of bank details is required;
  • Benefit from an ultra-intuitive user experience during payment. 

The e-commerce payment solution allows WD international to :

  • Simplify your buying journey;
  • Increase sales;
  • Streamline its internal processes.

In contrast to the user experience associated with strong authentication when paying by credit card, Fintecture offers a more complete shopping experience, supporting customers at every stage of the payment process, in complete security.
Using Fintecture's Immediate Transfer, customers are redirected to their banking application, where all they have to do is validate their transaction quickly and securely! The Immediate Transfer is also irrevocable , andpayment authorization from the payer's bank is immediate, enabling WD International to dispatch orders instantly.

To give its customers maximum flexibility in their purchases, WD International also offers the following services Link Payment Fintecture. This is a genuine alternative to e-commerce payment in the event of a technical incident during payment by bank transfer or credit card. It also enables merchants to streamline and simplify remote payments , thanks to an invoice link sent by e-mail or SMS to customers.

"We are also seeing a very significant reduction in order preparation and therefore delivery times!"

Raphaël Chareyron, E-commerce Manager @WD International

Result: Rapid customer adoption and higher average baskets

Since WD International started using Fintecture Immediate Transfer, more and more orders have been placed using the solution.

  • 23%: average basket increase with Immediate Transfer after only 4 months of use.
  • 24 to 48 hours of time saving in the reception of the payments thanks to the payment by link.

"Our customers have really taken to the system very quickly," says Raphaël, before adding: "More and moreof them are now using only the Immediate Transfer for its considerable time savings, ease of use and ability to secure transactions". WD International's sales team has also quickly become accustomed to the Fintecture console, which provides a dashboard for managing customer orders and monitoring their status in real time.

The console also saves WD International's customers a lot of time, as the pure player can send all orders directly with the certainty that the transfers have been made.


increase in the average basket in a few months

"We have also seen a clear reduction in order preparation and delivery times!"Our customer experience is now optimal and we have a new sales argument that sets us apart from the competition and reassures our customers with a modern payment solution.


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"Instagrume reduces delivery times and facilitates rent collection with the help of the payment request".

"Testing the Fintecture payment was very simple and effective. I was convinced to offer it to my customers"

"GreenMotorShop uses the Fintecture payment application for its in-store and remote sales".

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