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Racetools is an e-commerce pure player specialized in power tools (drills, accessories, screwdrivers, tools, textiles...) for small craftsmen and founded in 2011. Since then, the pure player has grown significantly and its ambition is now to become the connected warehouse for craftsmen, carpenters, plumbers, tilers, electricians... who come to look for the best price for their daily tools. 

Challenge: To offer a payment solution adapted to the needs of professionals

Before using the Fintecture payment solution, Racetools offered its customers payment by credit card, by instalments and by traditional bank transfer.

Racetools was confronted with two major problems: the delays in sending orders and the difficulties related to bank reconciliation.

For Julien Boue, CEO of Racetools: "First of all,it was essential to make the authentication process, which was slowing down orders made by credit card, more fluid and simpler. The 3D Secure security system was in fact the cause of human errors during manual handling and abandoned transactions during payment by CB.

In addition, the pure player wanted a solution that would facilitate reconciliation: with traditional bank transfers or credit cards, reconciling an order with a payment could take several days! Racetools' customers had to integrate a supplier's RIB into their banking application before paying and Racetools' accounting department then had to associate each RIB with an order. Julien explains: "We only launch the orders from the warehouses once the reconciliation has been completed. If it is done late, it can happen that in the meantime we no longer have the goods in stock for delivery." The impact of this type of situation on customer satisfaction is strong.

It had become essential for Racetools to find a modern payment solution to meet these two key challenges: the Immediate Transfer.

"Since we started using Fintecture Immediate Transfer we have saved a considerable amount of time processing orders and automating our order management processes."

Julien Boué, CEO @Racetools

Solution: Immediate Transfer speeds up and simplifies order management

Racetools has integrated Fintecture into its Prestashop CMS in March 2022 to offer a fast, fluid and secure checkout that meets the requirements of its professional customers.

The advantages of Immediate Transfer for Racetools :

  • Increase of the average basket
  • Non-recallable payment
  • Acceleration of the payment and delivery process
  • Facilitation of the work of the teams without bank reconciliation
  • Better cash flow due to faster availability of funds
  • Streamlining of internal processes.

The advantages of Immediate Transfer for craft customers :

  • Circumventing credit card payment limits;
  • Faster and easier ordering without creating a supplier RIB;

Ultra intuitive user experience.

When a Racetools customer uses the FintectureImmediate Transfer, they are redirected to their banking application to validate the transaction. The operation is secure, with no transfer of bank details. The immediate transfer has no upper limit, andpayment authorization from the payer's bank is immediate: this enables Racetools to send orders instantly, without ever having to block orders again. 

"Without Fintecture, we would certainly not have had access to certain orders over such a large amount" notes Julien before concluding: "The security of the payment system is also a key element of our customers' trust".

Julien Boué, CEO @Racetools

Result: A tailored payment experience for exploding orders

"Since we started using Fintecture's Immediate Transfer service, we've saved a considerable amount of time in order processing and have automated our order management processes," sums up Julien. 


rate of increase in average basket with Immediate Transfer

The Immediate Transfer has also enabled the website to reach unprecedented order amounts: 5,000 to 10,000 euros, compared with 2,000 to 3,000 euros using traditional payment methods: "We even processed an order for 23,000 euros using Immediate Transfer!

  • 273% increase in the average basket compared to payment by credit card or traditional transfer.

"Without Fintecture, we would certainly not have had access to certain orders over such alarge amount" notes Julien before concluding: "The security of the payment system is also a key element of our customers' trust".


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