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AGEFI awards Fintecture the "Fintech of the Year 2023" prize

On June 13, at the Universwiftnetevent, Fintecture was awarded the "Fintech of the Year" prize by L'AGEFI, the benchmark media for finance professionals in France. 

An award that testifies to the confidence of the industry and the value of our innovative transfer payment solutions.

Fintech of the year 2023

Fintecture was selected by a jury of experts from the banking world, journalists from the editorial staff of L'AGEFI and consultants specializing in corporate cash management. The five finalists were then decided by public vote.

AGEFI Fintech of the Year Award 2023

Faysal Oudmine, CEO and co-founder of Fintecture, received the 2023 "Fintech of the Year" award, and expressed his pride at this milestone in the development of our business: " For the past 3 years, Fintecture has been working to transform the bank transfer, which is widely used for large B2C purchases, because of card limits, and in the vast majority of B2B invoice settlements. However, this method of payment has never evolved and remains highly manual: it creates breaks in the payment chain, risking lost sales, slowing down orders and creating a heavy workload for financial teams (identification of payments received, reconciliation, back and forth with sales teams and the customer, etc.). Since our 1st payment, which was based on the possibilities offered by open bankingwe are now capitalizing on 4 collection and disbursement solutions that remove the limitations of traditional bank transfers."

Fintecture solutions are now used by over 7,000 merchants and 500,000 payers:

The Immediate Transfer enables you to collect funds in record time, by automating an account-to-account payment using open banking. It offers all the advantages of a transfer payment, with a customer experience comparable to that of a CB payment.

The Intelligent Transfer makes it possible to automate reconciliation without altering customers' traditional payment habits. The payer pays via a dedicated IBAN, by SEPA or instant transfer; the merchant receives the funds, which are automatically identified and pre-labeled.

Visit Verified Disbursement allows you to simply credit a bank account, having first verified the identity of the beneficiary. This makes it easy to reimburse or pay off a customer, whatever the original method of payment, without having to collect their RIB.

The latest addition to the Fintecture galaxy, the Buy Now Pay Later B2B allows you to extend payment terms without running the risk of non-payment. It includes credit insurance (provided by Allianz Trade) against the risk of default by a professional payer.


Payment at the heart of finance departments' concerns

It's no coincidence that payment is a strategic focus for treasurers. More than a technical modality in the finalization of a transaction, payment is at the heart of business and operational issues.

A lever for acquisition and loyalty
No cash flow without payment. Payment is the final link in the purchasing process. In e-commerce, its impact is key: merchants' conversion (and therefore their sales) depends on payment processing. But let's not overlook its importance for both point-of-sale and distance purchases (quotes, invoices...) Payment is a stage in its own right, which contributes to loyalty when it's smooth (or to a disappointing customer experience when it's frictional). 

Enhanced credit transfers for operational efficiency
For finance departments, "traditional" credit transfers are all too often synonymous with manual reconciliation. These time-consuming tasks weigh down the day-to-day work of accountants and treasurers who manage large volumes of transfers. In the case of pronounced seasonal fluctuations or short payment deadlines, reconciliation can quickly turn into a nightmare. This is where our new payment solutions come into their own. Whether it's Immediate Transfer or the Intelligent Transferit is now possible toautomate the lettering of payments

Secure cash management
The Fintecture credit transfer includes a range of services to help companies secure their cash flow. 

  • Firstly, by limiting the risk of fraud: all our solutions include fraud detection algorithms that significantly reduce the risk of recall. Because while transfers are irrevocable, any payer can fall victim to transfer fraud. 
  • Secondly, by reducing the risk of non-payment on deferred payments thanks to our BNPL solution. Open banking coupled with Allianz Trade's expertise enables us to check payer eligibility in real time, cross-referencing information on creditworthiness and identity. 

Over the past three years, Fintecture's customer profile has broadened considerably. Initially focused on e-commerce, Fintecture now works with any type of company that opts for our Plug and Play solutions or integrates our services into their business tools. The credit transfer revolution is underway!

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