Fintecture, the bank transfer payment solution


A new payment method to increase your sales

The Fintecture payment solution: 

  • Increases your conversion rate
  • Guarantees the security of transactions
  • Improve your order processing times


Black Friday: what if a new payment method could help you increase your sales?

Black Friday is the start of the year-end shopping season. During this crucial period for retailers, more and more French people are doing their shopping online. But nearly 7 times out of 10, consumers do not validate their basket. The reason for this is the cost and time of shipping, but also the difficulties encountered during payment. 

To help you increase your conversion rate and your turnover, we have developed an economical, secure and fast payment method.

Increase the number of sales by eliminating chargebacks

After carefully browsing your online shop, preparing the shopping cart and filling in the shipping information, your customer checks out. And then the drama begins. Payment refused. In a rage, he leaves your site and never returns. Unless you use Fintecture. With our payment solution, you can be sure that the sale will be completed.

Remove technical errors

It is estimated that about 10% of card transactions fail due to technical problems. Fintecture connects the seller's bank directly to the buyer's bank. By eliminating payment intermediaries, we also eliminate the risk of technical errors.

Fewer participants means lower transaction costs. We are on average 40% cheaper than other market players. And this is true even for small baskets.

Circumventing bank limits

Another cause of rejected payments is circumvention of bank limits. Holders of traditional Visa and Mastercard cards are limited to an average of 2,500 euros over 30 days. This may be too low in certain circumstances, such as when booking a trip, buying supplies or a car. The limit may also be reached during periods that require more spending, such as the end-of-year holidays, sales periods or the creation of a new product.

The limits of the Fintecture solution are the same as those that the customer has negotiated with his bank for bank transfers, i.e. 4,000 to 10,000 euros per day 10,000 per day, depending on the institution. The buyer can therefore buy an electric bike or professional equipment on your e-commerce site without fearing that the transaction will be refused.

Pay in seconds

With Immediate Transfert, there's no need to fetch your credit card from the bottom of your handbag or remember the password registered with an intermediary.

The transaction is completed in in a single transaction and in a few seconds. The customer validates his payment by connecting directly to his bank's website. There is no need to confirm their purchase in a second step, as is the case when they use their bank card.

Ensuring the security of transactions

Another factor that can cause a prospect to give up is lack of confidence in the site and its payment module. But by using our services, you can reassure your visitors.

We apply the latest security standard: that of strong authentication. Your customer does not have to enter his banking information on a third party site because everything happens from his banking interface.

Once redirected to to his bank's portalOnce redirected to their bank's portal, they enter their connection details, the same as those they use to make a transfer or consult their accounts. Once authenticated, all they have to do is authorise the transaction.

We also offer secure payment solutions for orders placed by telephone. Via the Payment Request, you send your caller a link they can use to pay for their basket. They validate the transaction on their bank's website, and don't need to give you their credit card numbers.

Improve the processing of your orders

We help you to reduce your order processing time. Visit Immediate Transfer is irrevocable, unlike a bank transfer.

In your Fintecture area, you can follow the status of your payments online. As soon as a payment appears, you know that the funds will be paid within 24 hours on average. So you can start preparing the order without delay. 

Having the money available quickly is also an asset for managing your cash flow. By increasing your working capital capacity, you can pay your expenses and invest according to your projects. By monitoring your activity day by day, you can measure the impact of the various operations carried out in real time. You can draw up your year-end balance sheet with peace of mind.

Finally, we facilitate the reimbursement procedure. In the event of a product return, you can refund a purchase with just a few clicks. The transfer is immediate. Your customer has the funds to place an order in your shop again.

Get ready for the festive season with Fintecture! If you haven't yet adopted our solutions, add Fintecture to your e-commerce site today.

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