Fintecture, the instant transfer payment solution


Buy Now Pay later

Propose to your customers to pay their order in 30 days, with the assurance of being covered in case of non payment

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Buy Now Pay later

Buy now, pay in 30 days, with the assurance of being covered in case of non-payment

In partnership with

30-day payment guarantee

Boost your sales in complete security

Increase your average baskets

by offering payment facilities to your business customers

Don't miss a sale

by refusing to accept an extension of the payment period


your customers with more flexible payment terms and no fees

Be serene

by offering payment on time with the certainty of being paid


the complete management of your outstanding receivables


your cash flow

On-board credit insurance in

 a smooth payment path


Quick activation!


We verify the eligibility of your professional customer.

Payment within 30 days is instantly guaranteed.



Collection of payment on D+30

We collect the funds from your client.

You are informed in real time, without having to do anything!


Automated and amicable management of disputes


We take care of the reminders and, in the event of a proven non-payment, we automatically forward the file to Allianz Trade for collection and compensation at no additional cost.

Fintecture transfer interface

Give your pro customers the choice to pay now, or later!


Send a payment link by email to activate a guaranteed payment term.


Integrate the best payment facility solution for your B2B customers into your checkout.

Control interface

Track incoming payments in real time and get paid quickly

Find out how our customers
use immediate transfers

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