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WHITE PAPER - Regulatory shocks in the land of payments

DSP3, PSR, Instant Transfer Regulations...

After the passage of PSD1 and PSD2, the European regulator has published no less than 10 new texts in 2023!

In this white paper, Fintecture deciphers
the main European texts and innovations that will change the payments landscape.

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Fintecture white paper - Payment and Regulation

What's in the white paper?

1. A look back at the key stages in the evolution ofOpen Banking
2. A summary of the main European regulations that will change the world of payments
3. An assessment of their impact on the ecosystem (PSPs, companies, payers, etc.)
4. A focus on credit transfer fraud

Main texts analyzed

PSD3 and the PSR, which defines its operational contours
The Instant Transfer Regulation (adopted by the European Parliament on February 26)
TheOpen Finance Regulation (FIFA)
The Euro Digital Regulation
The Payment Purpose Directive

Why download this white paper?

This white paper will give you an overview of the new regulations that will have an impact on payment methods, and on credit transfers in particular.

It will enable you to anticipate the new services that will be developed over the next few years, driven by these regulations that are conducive to innovation: payment initiation, BNPL...

This guide also deals with the thorny subject of credit transfer fraud. Find out more about Fintecture's position on this key issue for finance departments.

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