Fintecture, the bank transfer payment solution


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The immediate transfer. Free up your business.

Seamless transactions to reduce your costs.  A smooth experience to increase your conversion rate. No sensitive data collected for absolute security.

Already more than 3000 merchants trust us

Key points of our solution

You always stay on top

0,99 %

maximum commission

No more hidden fees on each transaction: you pay on your global volume, it's more transparent and cheaper.

Save up to 40% on average

The numbers speak for themselves: our technology cuts out the middleman and lowers costs compared to traditional payment methods.

15% more sales, less frictions

Bypass credit card limits and get rid of illegitimate rejections. The result is fewer abandoned baskets and more sales.

Funds directly into your account

Receive funds directly into your bank account in full within 10 seconds to 24 hours.

We directly connect banks

Our technology works with 99% of French banks

Our Open-Banking technology automatically connects banks to each other. You are finally free to sell without constraints.
This solution allows you to receive payments from your customers in record time, and to bypass, among other things, the low limits of bank cards.
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No more small card payment cap

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No chargeback

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No sensitive information collected

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Bank-grade encryption

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Strong client authentication

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GDPR compliant

Our customers will tell you

Open up new opportunities


Gabriel Guiral


"Clearly, the solution has proven to be more efficient than anything we had before. Customers quickly found that paying is much easier with this solution than with a traditional card, where they regularly encountered errors."

Jérémy Joussot-French

Jérémy Joussot-French

Director of e-commerce, marketing and sales

"It is a desire of our company to offer an alternative solution to payment by bank card, and to limit shopping basket abandonment due to bank limits.

They trust us

Fintecture Console

As simple as it looks

Easy to install

No installation cost, no need for a developer, no delays: you can collect your first payments today. And our solution is just as easy to use on a daily basis.

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Real-time monitoring

You can see in real-timei whether your payments are accepted or rejected.

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Monthly billing

You receive an invoice at the end of the month: clearer and more practical to manage.

Simplified installation
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Plugin for your CMS

You install our solution yourself in a few clicks.

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Installation from our SDKs

Save time on integration thanks to our SDKs.


Customized installation

Do you have a specific need? We can adapt to your needs.

Competitive rates and services

Demand more for less

Our solution reinvents payment: for you it is clearer, more economical and more practical to use on a daily basis. A new tool to boost your growth!

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No subscription

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No commitment

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No set-up fee

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Pay per link

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Refund management


Ready to change your system?

The future of payment is here: join the movement.

Jérémy Joussot-French

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All French merchants can use Fintecture. Currently, we are available on Prestashop, Magento, and Woocommerce CMS. If you have your own system, you can integrate our solution via SDK.

The first account-to-account payment solution in France, it allows :

  • Bypassing card limits.
  • Eliminate illegitimate releases.
  • Reduce transaction costs.
  • To dispose of the funds collected more quickly.
  • Avoiding fraud.
  • Increase payment security and protect consumers.

Payment processing times vary depending on the customer's bank. Usually, you will receive the funds within 10 seconds (quite rare) to 24 hours on your account.