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Guide - Overview of BtoB payment solutions

What payment solutions can you offer your business customers?

With a fast-changing market and increasingly demanding customers, how can you ensure that you offer the most appropriate payment services to your customers ?

In this guide, Fintecture presents an overview of BtoB payment solutions (cash and due date) and highlights various payment trends.

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btob payment guide

What's in this guide?

1. An overview of the BtoB market
2. An overview of traditional payment methods (credit cards, checks, transfers, etc.)
3. A focus on specific BtoB payment methods (bills of exchange, factoring)
4. Spotlight on innovations that make BtoB collections more fluid: payment initiation, virtual IBAN, BNPL BtoB
5.A focus on credit transfer fraud , with recommendations on how to prevent it.

Why download this guide?

This guide will give you a clear, concise overview of the payment methods used in BtoB, highlighting their advantages and limitations.

It also highlights current current trends in BtoB payments, and gives a concrete overview of the new services offered byOpen Banking.

In particular, you'll hear from one of the leaders in BtoB retail, who is taking advantage of payment initiation to simplify collections across its online and offline sales channels.

Finally, we felt it was impossible to discuss the subject of payment without mentioning fraud.
This guide presents the main types of fraud, as well as best practices for protecting your business.

Enjoy your reading!

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