Fintecture, the bank transfer payment solution



Instagrume, beyond bank card limits


Instagrume, beyond bank card limits


Instagrume, beyond bank card limits






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Suppliers of professional robots

Leading distributor of automatic juicers, Instagrume
provides professionals with top-of-the-range juicers from the brand
Zumex. It rents its machines to restaurants, bars and hotels, but also
to supermarkets, bakeries and foodtrucks.

Challenge: simplify collections

Arthur Giocanti, General Manager at Instagrume, was looking for a way to facilitate
the collection of rental payments and deposits
for accessory orders and
spare parts.

The solution was to allow the acceptance of amounts of several hundred euros
without risking rejection or preventing customers from using their bank cards for the rest of the week

It also had to be integrated into the quotations, invoices and reminders issued by the company to its tenants at

Solution: transaction monitoring

Visit Payment Request allows Instagrume teams to be reactive in
solving problems.

For several months, Instagrume has been using the payment request to :

  • its quotations for ordering accessories or spare parts;
  • its reminders when the direct debit has failed;
  • its out-of-court procedures when several rents have not been paid on time.

As soon as the payment has been made by the customer, it appears in the Fintecture area,

even before the funds are credited. Since the transaction is irrevocable, there is no risk of rejection or cancellation.
Instagrume can therefore order the necessary
documents or stop collection procedures without delay.

"With Fintecture Payment Application, settlement is guaranteed. We can therefore be reactive by launching orders or stopping contentious procedures without waiting for transfers to be executed or for a check to be received!"

Arthur Giocanti, General Manager Instagrume

"With the Fintecture payment request, settlement is guaranteed. This means we can be reactive in releasing orders or stopping litigation without waiting for transfers to be executed or a cheque to be received!"

Arthur Giocanti, General Manager Instagrume

Result: time savings for faster delivery

Visit Payment Request now accounts for 25% of payments collected
by Instagrume. The functionality has reduced order processing time from
2 to 3 working days, and simplifies procedures for settling unpaid invoices.

To provide Instagrume's clients with more flexibility in their settlements
and to provide even more financial security for the company, Fintecture has offered
to try out new features in the coming months.


of payments collected are payment requests today


Find out how our customers use
the payment request

"Instagrume reduces delivery times and facilitates rent collection with the help of the payment request".

"GreenMotorShop uses the
Fintecture payment request
for its in-store and remote sales.
and remote sales".

"Testing the Fintecture payment was very simple and effective. I was convinced to offer it to my customers"

Already more than 7000 merchants trust us