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Bewak: More flexibility and quicker payments


Bewak: More flexibility and quicker payments


Bewak: More flexibility and quicker payments








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Bewak, pioneers in outdoor equipment

Specialist in outdoor activities, Bewak has been equipping and advising nature lovers
since 1994. The online store sells a selection of
camping tents, leisure equipment and hiking gear. The
items are chosen for their comfort and performance.

Challenge: Adapting to orders

Julia, customer service manager, and Michel Seguin, director of Bewak
, were looking for a way to offer greater flexibility and confidentiality in
order processing. That's when they discovered the Request for
Fintecture payment

With several thousand items in stock, Bewak does not offer all of its products on
Internet. It is common for a camper to contact
to find what they are looking for. If the model is
available in stock, but not on the site, the customer is invited to place
an order for another item from the online range and pay the difference
if necessary. Reservation and payment can also be made by
or by e-mail.

Solution: the alternative to the bank card

The Bewak team uses Payment Request to generate
payment links. These are sent to buyers by e-mail or from the Fintecture space:

  • when they have to pay a supplement;
  • when ordering by phone or email; 
  • if a card payment is rejected. 

Thanks to the Payment Requesttransactions are validated from
the payer's banking interface. This eliminates the need to transmit confidential data such as
credit card numbers via an insecure channel
(telephone or e-mail), and reduces the risk of fraud. The Bewak team no longer has to deal with
customers who give up on finalizing their
order because they don't trust the payment method used.

Once initiated, transfers are irrevocable and immediate. They appear in
in real time in the Fintecture back-office. Bewak is guaranteed to receive the funds
within 24 hours and can therefore start preparing the order. The company
thus honours its commitment of an order shipped within the day.

"Thanks to Fintecture and Payment Request, we have a secure solution to offer our customers when they order by phone or e-mail. This allows us to be hyper-agile and adapt to each request."

Michel Seguin, Director @ Be-Wak

"Thanks to Fintecture and the payment request, we have a secure solution to offer our customers when they order by phone or email. This allows us to be hyper agile and adapt to each request."

Julia, Be-Wak

Result: When the payment solution strengthens the customer relationship

The Bewak team and their customers were impressed by the user experience
when requesting payment. It is now offered instead of
when ordering by phone or paying a supplement.

Bewak advisors explain the process and accompany the buyers during
transactions. This time of exchange and discovery of a new
payment solution has strengthened the ties between the brand and its consumers.


payment request now represents 1 in 3 payments.


Find out how our customers use
the payment request

"Instagrume reduces delivery times and facilitates rent collection with the help of the payment request".

"GreenMotorShop uses the
Fintecture payment request
for its in-store and remote sales.
and remote sales".

"Testing the Fintecture payment was very simple and effective. I was convinced to offer it to my customers"

Trusted by 2,000+ merchants across Europe

Fintecture is a
payment institution supervised and authorised
by the Banque de France and the ACPR
under N°17248.

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