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Pay by QR Code, the essential tool for commercial recovery

As the reopening of so-called non-essential shops approaches, the QR Code is emerging as an indispensable tool for the resumption of commercial activity. 

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Indeed, on 19 May, the French will be able to enjoy restaurants, cafés and bars. The terraces of these establishments will reopen at 50% of their capacity on 19 May. As for shops, all shops considered as non-essential during the containment period will be able to reopen, while respecting the mandatory sanitary measures and gauges. 

The reopening of shops will bring a greater flow of customers to their suppliers. Since the global pandemic, consumers have become familiar with online or Click and Collect shopping. As a result, the customer prefers a fast payment method anda simplified shopping path.

By optimising your business with Fintecture's immediate QR Code transfer to collect your customers, you can act on the reduction of waiting lines. Indeed, collecting payments quickly prevents your customers from leaving your shop because of long waiting times or poorly optimised cashiering. Abandoned shopping baskets are a growth brake for your business.

47% of customers think that an acceptable waiting time at the checkout is between 3 and 4 minutes maximum

It is essential to make your customer's shopping experience in your shop as smooth as possible. According to a Harris Interactive study, 47% of customers believe that an acceptable waiting time at the checkout is between 3 and 4 minutes maximum. Beyond that, 78% of French people admit that they sometimes give up entering a store for fear of waiting too long at the checkout.

Thus, the idea of introducing a QR code appeals to many retailers who see it as a tool to speed up their reopening.

Thanks to our Fintecture solution, you too can encourage your customers topay by QR Code . The Covid-19 crisis has encouraged the emergence of dematerialised payment systems. The Fintecture QR code payment allows you to collect your funds in just a few seconds. It's fast, secure and easy to use.

Thanks to this Fintecture functionality, the supplier can send the payment link to his customer at any time with complete peace of mind. The payment status is updated in real time.

How does the Fintecture QR Code work?

The QR code is a unique tag readable on all mobile phones. On your Fintecture space, you can generate a secure payment QR Code in a few moments. Once the QR Code is created, send it to your customer. 

If you carry out a B-to-B activity, as soon as you receive the QR code, the customer only has to read it using his mobile phone. They are redirected to their bank to confirm the transaction. This feature is very appreciated, especially if you carry out your activity physically (offline). 

If you run a B-to-C business, using QR codes will prove to be very cost effective in your payment management. For example, if you run a restaurant, when a customer wants to pay and leave, they simply scan a QR Code. They check the details of their bill and then pay:

  • The customer chooses Fintecture to pay for their purchase. He is then redirected to his bank to validate the transaction. They don't have to enter an IBAN, an amount or a reference, everything is pre-filled for them. He then receives a confirmation of the payment made, and as a professional, you receive the funds associated with the bill reference

Payment by QR Code has proved its worth. In an activity carried out on site, 80% of customers opted for this method of payment, and 15 minutes of average time were saved for customers and staff. This time saving translates into more customers: table turnover has increased by 12% (Source: Big Mamma Group Restaurants).