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3 questions to Clémence Péan, 

Acquisition and Innovation Manager at Restos du Coeur

Dor more than 40 years, Restos du Cœur has been fighting food insecurity and providing crucial support for the reintegration of the most disadvantaged. To achieve this mission, the association collects over 100 million euros in donations every year. At the end of 2022, Restos du Coeur introduced payment by Fintecture Immediate Transfer. Here's a look back at the deployment and benefits of this new payment method.

What are the main challenges faced by Restos du Cœur when it comes to online collections?

With 53% of donations collected online, including 64% from cell phones, online collection is of crucial importance for Restos du Cœur. Our main challenges are :

  • Continue to boost online fundraising and increase the average donation, currently around €200
  • Turning more and more one-off donations into regular gifts
  • Simplify and optimize the online donation process for donors

Why did you set up Fintecture Immediate Transfer?

As part of our ongoing efforts to optimize our conversation tunnel, we were looking for an alternative for donors who were finding it difficult to pay by card reluctance to enter their bank details online, type of card not supported (such as American Express at the time), etc.

In addition, we were experiencing recurrent payment failures, particularly at the end of the year when donations are most important. In these situations, we used to send the association's RIB by e-mail to enable donors to proceed with a conventional bank transfer. However, this manual process was complex and time-consuming, especially during such a crucial and busy period for the association.

Our partner iRaiser suggested we activate Immediate Transfer on our donation pages , a simplified bank-to-bank transfer solution with a seamless payment path, suitable for online use.

What results have you seen since introducing the Immediate Transfer service?

In almost a year and a half, we have raised over 4 million euros using this solution. The average donation via Fintecture amounts to 660€which is three times higher than our average online donation. This proves that Immediate Transfers make it possible to to bypass the limits of credit card ceilingsas demonstrated by the 35,000€ donation received via this method at the end of 2023.

Not only have we seen an increase in the number of donors using this payment method, but among the 7,000 donors who have used Fintecture, more than 10% are using it again, just a few months after implementation. In particular, it enables large donors to make their donations more independently. This ease of use is particularly important in May, during the IFI (Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière) tax declaration period, when we have a peak in donations of large amounts, essential donations for the association.

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"We find that the average Fintecture donation is €346, an amount 3.5 to 4 higher than the average non-Fintecture donation."

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