Fintecture, the instant transfer payment solution


Speed up payments,
your cash flow.

A payment collection solution
optimized with Fintecture:

Requests for payment integrated into invoices or quotes


Synchronize your accounting/ERP tools to automate your payment requests

Customer follow-up

Get paid faster by including a payment link in your quotes, invoices and reminders

Transfer interface

Collect 100% of your transfers quickly and simply

Provide your customers with the most appropriate transfer solution

Get paid quickly

Stay focused on your business,
the platform does the rest.

Quick and easy integration

Synchronize Fintecture with your ERP or invoicing software

Payment link integrated into your quotes, orders or invoices

Automatic reminders
for overdue invoices via your control interface

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#B2B #Informatics

Acadia: Breaking down barriers to credit card payments

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#B2B #Business Services

SD Pack: -53% saving on bank charges compared to using card payments 

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Immediate transfer boosts Chronovet's sales with ultra-fluid checkout

Find out how our clients use our solutions