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Take control over payments

Imagine a payment without intermediaries, directly from bank to bank. This safer, simpler and cheaper solution is Fintecture. And with you, we'll change commerce for good.

Liberating payment to accelerate growth

Yesterday, each traditional payment required intermediaries, and therefore significant costs.
Each transaction was a source of uncertainty, between the transmission of personal data and the complexity of strong authentication.

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fintecture @1x logo
fintecture @1x logo

Today, you have the choice

The future of payment is yours.

You are no longer forced to go through traditional operators. You can finally trade freely, without opacity or constraints. 

We want to develop this new model with you, to make payment a lever for growth and a guarantee of trust. Let's team up.

The humans behind the tech

In 2018, Faysal Oudmine, Tatiana Rozoum, Anjan Som and Reda Charai share the same vision: the payment infrastructure based on bank cards is obsolete. Too many constraints, too much opacity, not enough competition...

This has to change.

our team


Reinventing payment, nothing less

The initial ambition may seem crazy. Yet in 2018, changes in financial regulation are changing the game. The European Payment Services Directive, PSD2 to its friends, opens up huge opportunities for change. It becomes possible to bypass the traditional system, which is synonymous with high fees, fraud risks and bank card limits. And that is exactly what we have done to make life easier for merchants. 

The first
bank to bank payment

Fintecture is a licensed payment institution (ACPR-17248).

We have developed the first instant bank-to-bank payment solution in France. In other terms, merchants and companies can collect payments without intermediary.

It's easier, safer and cheaper.


Proud of our values

Fintecture, beyond the technology, is also a certain way of working and looking to the future.

🙌👂 Opening & listening

For our partners and in the way we do things

💼🏃♂️Pragmatism & efficiency

Adapting to bring ever more value

🤜🤛 Collaboration & co-construction

We do things together, everything is transparent

💃 🕶 Optimism & vision

Believing in change and do everything to make it happen


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