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Customer case - Bricoman

How does Bricoman take advantage of payment initiation to boost sales across all its sales channels?

"Fintecture sometimes accounts for 30% of a Bricoman store's sales. This enables us to address sales development levers that we weren't doing before.says Jean-Christophe Defossez, Strategic Projects Manager for Bricoman.

Find out how the company meets the specific needs of its business customers with Fintecture's Immediate Transfer.

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bricoman customer case

Les Défis de Bricoman :

  • Reduce delivery times to meet the urgent needs of business customers
  • Ensure a seamless customer experience, whatever the purchasing method (online, remote, in-store).
  • Simplify collection of large baskets while guaranteeing fast delivery
  • Effectively manage payment failures and maximize sales opportunities

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Find out how Bricoman, the benchmark partner for professionals in the building market with its 38 stores, takes advantage of the Fintecture Immediate Transfer to bypass credit card ceilings and generate additional sales.

Explore their journey and discover how they met these challenges by integrating this solution directly into the advisors' tablets, enabling them to cash customers on the spot, whether on the website or in-store. 

After a successful initial test in a few stores, the Fintecture Immediate Transfer was rapidly rolled out to all Bricoman stores in France and Spain .

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