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The reference payment platform in real estate

Why Fintecture is the best solution for real estate

Find out how a payment solution can
boost your cash flow

Improve your cash flow

  • Receive the full amount in your bank account
  • Don't waste time depositing your cheques in the bank
  • Offer a flexible payment method that adapts to all contexts and to your customers' expectations

An application dedicated to your payments

  • Create customised payment requests in seconds
  • Offer your customers payment by QR code or send your requests by SMS, whatsapp or e-mail
  • Turn your smartphones and tablets into VSEs for free!

Track your payments online

  • No more manual checks: you receive immediate payment confirmation when the customer pays.
  • Accounting reconciliation is simplified: no more mystery transfers or lettering errors thanks to fully automated payment, without manual input.

Save 4 hours a week on payment collection and focus on asset management

Problem: current payment methods lack flexibility


At the end of his housing diagnosis missions, Karim asks for payment for his services, and that's when the problems start; the real estate agent has forgotten his agency chequebook, the amount is too high to pay by card.

You either have to wait 30 minutes to get cash, or if you pay by bank transfer, the payment times are exponentially longer.

Solution: no need for an Eftpos terminal, the payment request is made on the mobile phone without entering a bank account number


At the end of the mission, Karim can generate a payment with no limit of amount by QR code, link or email from his mobile phone. He presents it to his client who validates the payment from his bank space.

With the Fintecture app, all employees can generate payment links simultaneously, without the need for an EFTPOS terminal and without additional costs for this service.

"I was able to replace cheques with the Fintecture payment request and my customers immediately understood that this payment method is simple and secure.

Karim Bennehari, Founder of Analyses Immo


4 hours per week

earned on average for companies in real estate


How does it work?


Generate an application

From your smartphone or tablet, simply enter the amount and payment reference.


Share the payment as you wish

Present the payment by QR code, email or link to your customers, they will be automatically redirected to their online bank.


Receive payments directly

Your customers confirm the payment directly from their banking application. You receive the confirmation instantly.


Send a payment link in your invoices and quotes

Generate a payment link to send via instant messenger like WhatsApp, or to insert in an invoice or quote.

Your customer will only have to click on it to validate the payment.


QR code to present when you are with your customer on site

The payment by QR Code is particularly effective when you are in physical contact with a customer, it will allow you to finalize a sale or a service immediately with him.

Once the request has been generated, you can display it as a QR Code so that it can be scanned immediately. You can also insert it in your SMS, e-mail or invoices.


Send an email at the end of your assignments

When you are on the phone with your customer and you want to make a sale right away, you can send the payment request to your customer by e-mail. He will only have to click on it to validate the payment.


How much does it cost?



Payment requests are part of our Growth offer. You also benefit from the irrevocability of payments, which means that your customers cannot cancel a payment once it has been confirmed.

Non-recallable payment

Payment by QR code

No VSE fees

Send payment by email

Simplified reconciliation


0.99% per collection, that's it!

No other fees for opening, maintaining or closing an account, or even for inactivity.
An offer without commitment for more peace of mind!

1,000 free cash-out

You only pay after you have collected €1001, and it is renewable every month.

"Great payment solution, faster and easier than the traditional transfer which is sometimes too restrictive."

Illam Laura

"I discovered Fintecture recently. I had the opportunity to make a payment with this solution. Very simple and secure! It clearly revolutionises the user experience"

Maxime Pasquier

Spend less time on payments,
focus on property management