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The e-commerce site Clôture et Jardin e-commerce site supports private individuals, professionals and local authorities in the success of their projects. For almost twenty years, these experts have been providing all the materials needed to enclose and access residential, agricultural or industrial land. 

Challenge: To improve the customer experience

Clôture et Jardin is facing a real challenge: convincing visitors to buy expensive and thought-provoking products online. In order to do this, the site has to offer the best references, sound advice and an impeccable customer experience. However, since its creation, the company had been experiencing difficulties with the payment process. 

A closing project represents several thousand euros, a sum higher than the limits authorised by bank cards. When it comes time to pay, the transactions are rejected without explanation. When the incident occurs on a Sunday, a day often preferred by individuals to place their orders, Clôture et Jardin cannot react immediately. It was not until Monday morning that the customer service department contacted the prospective customers and offered them an alternative method of payment. 

Vincent Keller, President of Clôture et Jardin, discovered Fintecture during a personal purchase. Satisfied with his experience, he decided to make Fintecture available to his customers. Immediate Transfer. As well as solving the problem of abandoned shopping baskets, the solution now saves time for his teams.

"Fintecture meets our expectations perfectly. Customers have a simple and secure way to pay for their orders, regardless of the amount. The automation of the processes has also allowed us to free up our accounting team from time-consuming, low-value-added tasks."

Vincent Keller, manager @Clôture et Jardin

Solution: Payments that work around the clock

Today, Fence and Garden:

  • offers Fintecture® Immediate Transfer as an alternative to bank transfers or credit cards;
  • has paired the Fintecture back office with its accounting system for automated payment tracking. 

When customers pay with Fintecture Immediate Transfer, they are redirected to their banking application to validate the transaction. The operation is secure and does not require the exchange of bank details. Ceilings are the same as for bank transfers , and authorize purchases of several thousand euros. As the system directly connects the sender's bank to the receiver's, the risk of payment failure for technical reasons is virtually nil. 

The Immediate Transfer is irrevocable and funds are transferred without delay. When the order appears as paid in the Fintecture back office, its status is automatically modified in the accounting software used by Clôture et Jardin. The accounting department no longer has to search for invoice references to check and modify payment progress manually.

Result: Satisfied customers and efficient teams

Clôture et Jardin customers can now pay with Fintecture every day, even at weekends, and at any time of day. Since the introduction of Immediate Transferthe number of abandoned shopping baskets has fallen.

Operators have fewer buyers to chase to close sales and can focus on other activities. The accounting department is relieved of the task of checking payments. They can concentrate on higher value-added tasks.


of payment volumes in two months

Clôture et Jardin would like to develop the use of Fintecture to improve its customers' experience and free its employees from repetitive tasks. Vincent Keller plans to offer QR code or link payment request for order completions, and using Fintecture for direct transfers. Finally, the payment solution could be used to reward customers who participate in the referral program. 


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"Instagrume reduces delivery times and facilitates rent collection with the help of the payment request".

"Testing the Fintecture payment was very simple and effective. I was convinced to offer it to my customers"

"GreenMotorShop uses the Fintecture payment application for its in-store and remote sales".

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