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Created in 2015 Chronovet is a website specializing in pet food and veterinary products. The pure-player has become a must on the market and has a large customer base who come to buy on the recommendation of their vet. To order online, customers must be advised by one of the website's veterinary partners.

Challenge: Simplify the customer buying journey to increase sales

Before calling on Fintecture, Chronovet only offered its customers the bank card as a payment solution. However, this solution had its limits when it came to the double authentication of the payers, which was not intuitive enough. 

For Marion Hennuin, Web Project Manager at Chronovet, the conclusion is clear: "We had to find a new, more modern, more fluid payment method that would allow us to truly simplify the authentication process." Indeed, some Chronovet customers were unable to finalize their orders for this reason.

But that's not all: "Our biggest challenge was to cope with the saturation of our customer service. Too many buyers were unable to authenticate themselves on their phone, thus not being able to finalize their orders" she notes. Some of them decided to postpone their purchases, to cancel them, or to go to the competition.

It had become essential for the pure player to streamline its customers' purchasing process in order to increase order volumes, while maintaining the highest possible level of security. The innovative Immediate Transfer Fintecture's innovative Immediate Transfer payment solution meets these challenges, thanks in particular to its ability to take into account the interactions between Chronovet's e-commerce site and its customers' banks, in order to avoid order abandonment due to the complexity of the 3D Secure system.

"We needed to find a new, more modern, more fluid payment method that would allow us to truly simplify the authentication process."

Marion Hennuin, Web Project Manager @Chronovet

Solution: Virement Immédiat as the innovative alternative to credit cards

Chronovet has integrated Immediate Transfer to its Prestashop CMS. Quick and easy to use, the payment solution was adopted in record time by the website's customers. 

Chronovet benefits:

  • Streamlining the buying journey;
  • Increase in the average basket;
  • Strong decrease in calls to the after-sales service;
  • Optimization of transaction costs compared to CB.

Paying benefits :

  • Easier to order , without creating a supplier RIB;
  • Circumventing CB payment limits;
  • Smooth and frictionless shopping experience.

Payers who use Fintecture's instant transfer are redirected to their banking application to validate the transaction. The transaction is secure and does not involve any transfer of bank details. It's that simple!
The immediate transfer is also irrevocable and the payment authorization from the customer's bank is immediate, allowing orders to be shipped very quickly. 

From the first month of Immediate Transferthe payment volume was significant. For Marion, this is just the beginning: "We're in a business where customer loyalty is very high, as we're recommended by vets.Addto this Fintecture's very fluid and intuitive interface, and the security of the transactions... immediate payment will continue to win over our customers!

"The Immediate transfer helped to relieve our hotline very quickly."

Marion Hennuin, Web Project Manager @Chronovet

Result: Smoother orders and higher baskets!

"Immediate Money Transfer has helped us to unclog our hotline very quickly," says Marion. 

  • 20% increase in the average shopping cart with the immediate transfer compared to the payment by CB

In the space of one month since the start of our collaboration, from May to June 2022, the average basket achieved with the Virement Immédiat has already increased significantly compared with other payment methods.


increase in average shopping basket with Immediate Transfer

"From now on, when a customer calls us when they encounter a problem with a credit card payment, we offer them Fintecture Immediate Transfer. This means they can switch payment solutions very quickly, and the benefits are widely shared!" concludes Marion.


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