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Thanks to the immediate transfer, Cadeau Maestro increases its average basket by 20%.







Created 13 years ago, Cadeau Maestro is an e-commerce pure player specializing in original, personalized gifts for companies and individuals. With a catalog of 3,000 products, Cadeau Maestro is a key player in the online gift market in France. Thanks to an ultra-fast production system, products are delivered to customers in record time. Best sellers include the EcoCube (a wooden cube with seeds), the "réalisateur" chair and the mug. 

Challenge: Modernize the payment process to adapt to new customer needs

For Sylvain Bruyère, CEO of Cadeau Maestro, it had become essential to : "find payment methods designed for 25/30 year olds. This generation no longer wants to pay by credit card, check or traditional transfer, which takes too long." Cadeau Maestro needed a very customer-oriented payment solution that was both innovative and modern. 

The time it takes for the teams to manage orders and limit processing errors were also areas for improvement for the pure player. Indeed, processing payments made by card or traditional bank transfer systematically involves a manual part during the accounting reconciliation, when payments are received. This phase is time-consuming and potentially a source of human error, with an impact on order processing time and customer loyalty. For Cadeau Maestro, fast order processing is a pillar of its commercial promise.

The Immediate Transfer Fintecture meets all these challenges.

We had to find payment methods designed for 25/30 year olds. This generation no longer wants to pay by credit card, check, or traditional wire transfer that takes too long."

Sylvain Bruyère, CEO of Cadeau Maestro

Solution: A fast and fluid payment method for a frictionless checkout

For a year and a half now Immediate Transfer Fintecture has enabled Cadeau Maestro to offer its customers an innovative and highly intuitive payment experience. 

The Immediate Transfer allows payers to :

  • Pay for their purchases by circumventing CB payment limits;
  • Enjoy an optimal user experience during payment;
  • Have a high level of security, as no transfer of bank details is required. 

... and to Maestro Gift of :

  • Reduce order processing time;
  • Develop your sales;
  • Streamline and secure its internal processes;
  • Build customer loyalty.

The Immediate Transfer Fintecture is very simple to use: the payer is redirected to their banking application, where they simply validate the transaction. The Immediate Transfer is also irrevocable , and payment authorization from the payer's bank is immediate, enabling Cadeau Maestro to send orders instantly to its customers.

To give its customers even more flexibility, Cadeau Maestro also offers the following options Payment by linka genuine alternative to online payment, particularly useful in the event of a technical problem when paying by bank transfer or credit card. It also enables merchants to streamline and simplify remote payments by sending an invoice link to their customers by e-mail or SMS.

"The integration of the payment solution into our Prestashop CMS was very simple, with no friction or impact on our front end. The responsiveness of Fintecture's CS team was decisive, especially in the integration of the bank names in the dedicated tab."

Sylvain Bruyère, CEO of Cadeau Maestro

Result: Average baskets that fly away!

The Immediate Transfer Fintecture has enabled Cadeau Maestro to increase its average shopping basket to 56 euros (compared with 46 euros by credit card). 

  • 20% increase in average basket value with Immediate Transfer
  • 1 hour saved/day by the accounting and service departments in order processing

In addition to saving considerable time, bank reconciliation is much simpler with Immediate Transfer than with credit card payment. Immediate Transfer reduces the risk of human error:

  • Cadeau Maestro's teams do not have to cross-check their customers' IBANs with the orders when receiving payments because the Immediate Transfer is made without the IBAN being entered by the payers;
  • Customers no longer have to enter a supplier's RIB.


rate of increase in average basket with Immediate Transfer

To summarize the benefits of Fintecture overlay:

  • Limitation of human errors: simple reconciliation, no need to enter the customer's IBAN when the payment is received;
  • Streamlining of internal processes;
  • Faster order processing.

"The integration of the payment solution into our Prestashop CMS was very simple, without friction or impact on our front-end," says Sylvain Bruyère, before continuing, " The responsiveness of the Fintecture CS team was decisive, especially in integrating the names of the banks in the dedicated tab

"Our customers will continue to familiarize themselves with the Immediate Transfer. The fact that it's free, offers a genuine alternative to bankcards, and is highly secure, means that it will be widely used in the future," he concludes.


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