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Fintecture's Talent-First Vision

Fintecture aims to be the most exciting start-up for talent and for good reason. Following our first seed round of €6.2 million, a very large part of the capital is reserved for employees. This dynamism is in line with our global "Talent-First" vision. Explanations with our co-founder and CEO Faysal Oudmine.

Faysal, can you explain the Talent-First vision?

For me, a Talent-First organisation puts its employees first. The first loyalty of a Talent-First company must be to its employees.

What is the point of an organisation, and Fintecture in particular, taking such a position?

In the case of Fintecture, and this is also the case for the majority of startups, this seems to me to be a fair and effective position, let me explain:

Founders have a vision for a given market, launch an offering or product that improves the status quo for customers; then raise money from investors who are happy to fund the realisation of that vision, sometimes even offering comfortable salaries for the co-founders. The startup accelerates its growth and starts recruiting heavily.

This is more or less the case for most start-ups. But in this scheme, the employees are often the least well off. Yet the success or failure of a startup depends heavily on the contribution of its employees.

Indeed, thanks to the startup, customers benefit from a better service, investors realise capital gains and the founders have a unique opportunity to realise their vision without taking unreasonable risks.

To me, the employees of a startup take almost as much risk as the founders and collectively have at least an equal contribution.

With a Talent-First vision, the company recognises the essential contribution of its employees by integrating them directly into the company's capital. On the other hand, it maximises its chances of success by enabling it to attract the best talent and by offering them fulfilling working conditions.

Following your fundraising, what will be the investment in talent?

The fundraising was an opportunity for Fintecture to reserve a particularly large share of the capital for employees (equity pool). This share is now almost equivalent to my own shares as co-founder and CEO of Fintecture and we intend to reserve more in future financing rounds.

Secondly, the fundraising gives us the means to put in place the best working conditions to maximise the team's development. Both by offering material benefits, but also in terms of evolution and the interest of the missions distributed among the team members.

What kind of environment do you offer to your employees?

At Fintecture, we believe that the success of our company depends on the well-being of each individual in the workplace. Whatever the environment in which our employees work, we make sure that we offer them stimulating working conditions so that they can give their best: pleasant and secure spaces, motivating remuneration, professional development, interesting missions, social protection, respect for work/life balance, teleworking. We are committed to the development of all our employees.

What are the advantages of joining your company?

  • Be part of the great adventure of a growing Fintech
  • Being part of a team: the quality of human relations is essential to progress together. We cultivate proximity and cooperation!
  • Working in an environment designed for your well-being
  • Have a wide variety of assignments, and a lot of autonomy
  • To evolve on a daily basis in a human-sized company and in a promising market
  • Caring and empowering management

What is Fintecture's talent growth rate?

There were 7 of us before the first containment in March 2020. Today we are 32 and we will certainly double our numbers within a year.

The pace is frantic and makes successful growth difficult. No founder can, on his own merit, succeed in such a challenge; it is only possible with the contribution of all the members.

How do you see Fintecture in the next 5 years?

Quite simply, to be the leading global player in the new payments landscape.

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