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Reopening of shops: Fintecture supports you!

After weeks of administrative closure due to the sanitary measures put in place, on 19 May, all businesses will reopen. We reveal you our plan of accompaniment in order to resume your commercial activity in an optimal way.
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On 19 May, Fintecture is with you!

The widespread use of dematerialised payments is an essential lever for digital transformation and a driver of economic recovery. It is also a means of strengthening the competitiveness of businesses, diversifying payment offers for customers and professionals while promoting a secure ecosystem. Thanks to digital payment solutions, financial transfers are made easier.

Today, customers are used to paying via secure links, to conducting business remotely, and above all, they have total confidence in the strong authentication that dematerialised payment allows. 

The Covid-19 crisis has encouraged the emergence of dematerialised payment systems. In the face of these government-imposed constraints on merchants, the Fintecture immediate transfer facilitates unconstrained merchant relationships. 

For the past year and a half, traders have been facing losses in turnover amounting to hundreds of thousands of euros.

To cope with this financially and to guarantee a low-cost, secure and fast digital payment solution, Fintecture offers several features. To prepare for the reopening of your shops on 19 May 2021, here is our support plan.

Demand better in the face of imperatives

To ensure the recovery of your business, we suggest you use our core features.

Pay per link

On your Fintecture space you can generate and send a payment link directly to your customers. Simple and efficient, this feature is very popular with suppliers: 

  • You don't need to go through an online shop to pay for a purchase

  • Payment is received quickly and securely(The customer receives a unique and secure payment link. By clicking on this link, Fintecture performs the immediate account to account transfer. The payment status is updated in real time)

  • No additional cost to you or your customers

To use this service, go directly to your Fintecture area and select the "Pay by link" functionality. Indicate the amount to be collected from your customers, the transaction references, as well as the data required for payment. A link is created. It can be used immediately to collect the payment.

The QR Code for payment


The QR code is a unique tag readable on all mobile phones. On your Fintecture space, you can generate a secure payment QR Code in a few moments. Once the QR Code is created, send it to your customer. 

Upon receipt of the QR code, the customer simply reads it using their mobile phone. They are redirected to their bank to confirm the transaction. This feature is very appreciated, especially if you do your business in person (offline).

Bypassing ceilings

The Fintecture immediate transfer is an effective alternative to bypassing credit card payment limits. In-store, your customer selects "Fintecture" to confirm their purchase, all free of charge. In a few seconds, the payment is received.

The advantages of Fintecture ceiling bypassing :

  • You no longer need a bank card to make an instant purchase. Your customers rely on their banks.

  • No need to collect sensitive information (CB) from your customers. You are guaranteed high levels of security and acceptance.

  • Payment confirmation is immediate. You have the collected funds at your disposal within a short time.

  • Your accepted or rejected receipts can be consulted in real time.

The entire Fintecture team wishes you a successful start to your business!