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GreenMotorShop: looking for a fast way to pay


GreenMotorShop: looking for a fast way to pay


GreenMotorShop: looking for a fast way to pay



Ecological transition





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GreenMotorShop, experts in electric two-wheelers

GreenMotorShop offers a new mobility experience combining the transition
ecological and passion for two-wheelers. Since 2018, these specialists have been testing and
selecting the best models of electric scooters and motorbikes available
which customers can then discover on the GreenMotorShop website and in
the Parisian showroom.

Save time by reducing payment delays

Emmanuel Combelles, the president of GreenMotorShop, and his partner
wanted to offer their customers a means of payment that would allow them
to pay for their purchases immediately, either remotely or in-store, and even
beyond the limit of their bank card

This payment solution was intended to avoid adding to the
delivery and registration times a delay caused by the execution of a
payment order.

Finally, the tool had to represent a reasonable cost and not impact the
financial growth of the company.

"Since we started using Fintecture and the payment request, we no longer have to worry about credit card limits or the time it takes to register beneficiaries for bank transfers. It's simple, immediate and works even from a distance."

Emmanuel Combelles, President of GreenMotorShop

Instant payments in-store and remotely

Thanks to the payment requestlink, the team generates a link to send to its
customers. Once the payment is initiated, GreenMotorShop is sure to be paid and
can start the order and the administrative formalities.

Today, GreenMotorShop :

  • offers Fintecture payment on its e-commerce site; 
  • sends a request for payment by e-mail or directly to its customers when
    an order is placed by telephone; 
  • presents a QR code to customers in the shop when they pay a
    deposit or the balance of their order. 

GreenMotorShop continues with Fintecture

GreenMotorShop has been using the payment request since January 2021. Thanks to
this simple and reliable method, the team has been able to reduce the waiting time for
orders paid via Fintecture. 

GreenMotorShop continues to be supported by the teams of Fintecture.
Together, we have thought of new functionalities to help them to help them
save even more time in the management of payments. Their suggestions
are taken into account and some have already been integrated.


of payments collected are payment requests


Find out how our customers use
the payment request

"Instagrume reduces delivery times and facilitates rent collection with the help of the payment request".

"GreenMotorShop uses the
Fintecture payment request
for its in-store and remote sales.
and remote sales".

"Testing the Fintecture payment was very simple and effective. I was convinced to offer it to my customers"

Already more than 7000 merchants trust us

Fintecture is a
payment institution supervised and authorised
by the Banque de France and the ACPR
under N°17248.

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