Fintecture, the instant transfer payment solution


The Pay Per Link feature

On your Fintecture space, a new feature has appeared! A new tab entirely dedicated to the creation of payment links is at your disposal.

Create a payment link? What is a payment link?

In this new tab, you can do two things:

1. Create a payment link sent by email to your customers automatically from your Fintecture space. Some of you have already tested it and approved it!

By email

This feature is great if you have a customer on the phone ordering off-site. From your Fintecture space, you enter all the information about the customer, his order and the payment. He will receive an automatic email containing a link allowing him to proceed to the payment directly from his bank.

New: the payment status is updated in real time. You can check when the payment is pending and when it is finalized!

2. The second thing, and this is brand new: you can generate your own payment link to send to your customers without having to go through our e-mail system.

It's very simple: you enter the information about a payment (amount, reference and beneficiary) and you can generate a payment link, which you can copy from your back office.

By link

Very useful if you want to send quotes with a payment link or if you exchange with your customers by instant messaging! Here too, you can follow the status of the payment in real time.

By QR code

And that's not all! If you carry out part of your business in physical form, you can generate a QR code in the same way, which your customer can scan to pay instantly from his bank space.

In a few clicks, it's done!

You can consult the User Guide here