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Fintecture is committed to the growth of VSEs and SMEs

At Fintecture, we are freeing businesses from payment constraints. We are now committed to making our innovations accessible to all companies, regardless of size or volume.


Cash in up to €1,000 per month free of charge

In order tohelp businesses accelerate their growthwe have decided to allow them to collect €1,000 monthly payments free of charge. As long as you collect less than €1,000, you don't have to pay anything. This benefit requires no consideration from you and is not time-limited. You only start paying for your transactions when your business has grown and your collections exceed €1,000 in a month. Beyond that, you benefit from our pricing and on average 40% cheaper than other payment solutions.

With this initiative, we wanted to to place solidarity at the heart of our offer. Usually the companies with the highest turnover manage to negotiate the most advantageous commissions. At Fintecture, all users benefit from free transactions on the first €1,000 collected when they subscribe to theGrowth offer.

We have taken this decision to help craftsmen, the self-employed, small, medium and very small enterprises to overcome the challenges challenges they face since the health crisis. Indeed, with the recovery, several sectors of activity are facing a surge in the price of raw materials and a shortage of labour. Traders also have to adapt to the new habits of their customers. At the same time, the government is phasing out subsidies and state-guaranteed loans have to be repaid.

This offer represents an economical and sustainable solution for very small enterprises (VSEs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is also an opportunity for all those who launch their project with the ambition and hope to become, one day, major players in their field. 

A bet on the future

When we started Fintecture, in the midst of the pandemic, we were seven people. Now we have 50 employees and we are still growing. Our business doubles every two months. We have worked hard to get to this point, but we have also had support. In turn, we wanted to to provide concrete (and financial) support (and financial) support to all entrepreneurs who are trying to bring their vision to life.

We are convinced that among those who will benefit from these free transaction fees are the success stories of tomorrow. By being there for you in the beginning, we hope to to build a mutually beneficial business relationship in the long term.

Enabling all businesses to take control of their payments

Equipping yourself with a VSE or creating an e-commerce site are powerful arguments for sales. But these investments are not within the reach of every organisation. That's why we make our solutions available to everyone, without subscription or commission for the first 1,000 € collected each month.

Fintecture has developed a way to collect payments without delay and without risk of rejection. Thanks to the immediate transferwe connect the seller's bank directly to the payer's bank to enable them to complete the transaction. You can install the functionality on your e-commerce site yourself, free of charge and without the need for a professional.

Thanks to our solution, the payment requestYou don't need to have an online shop to collect your payments in person or remotely. You generate a link and send it to your customer. He only has to click to accept the payment from his secure banking interface. If you sell remotely, you can send the link by email and by instant message. It can also be integrated into your quotes, invoices, reminders, etc. Finally, the payment request is an alternative to the Eftpos terminal. It allows you to create a QR code to present to the buyer when he is in front of you. All they have to do is flash it with their smartphone to accept the payment.

With these two innovations, Fintecture makes payment a lever for growth. Companies finalise more sales: payment is not subject to the bank card limit and the absence of an intermediary avoids the risk of rejection for technical problems. Immediate and irrevocable, online payment also facilitates cash management. Once the customer has approved the transaction, you are assured of receiving the funds.

For the payer, Fintecture provides a simple and secure experience experience when making a payment. Unlike a bank transfer, there is no need to add a beneficiary or share bank details with a third party. The buyer makes the payment from their bank's interface in a few clicks. The system works with strong authentication, the latest standard for online transactions.

By creating Fintecture, we are reinventing payment to promote the development of businesses. Today, we are joined by very small businesses, SMEs, the self-employed and craftsmen. Ready to team up with us ?

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