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The ultimate guide to click and collect for in-store payment

Free and convenient for customers, efficient and opportunity-generating for merchants, click & collect has it all! Are you curious about how your company can implement click & collect?


What is click and collect?

Click and collect is a service that allows consumers to order or reserve online (click), and then collect and pay for their item in the selected shop (collect) .

However, it is to be distinguished from a simple in-store collection. In this case, it is the product that is made available to the customer in the shop of his choice. This may involve either a waiting time for the product to be available again in the outlet they want, or other collection shops that they can choose instantly. It is a way for the consumer to have access to the whole catalogue of shops.

Click & collect payment for whom?

Offering this service means reaching out to time-poor consumers who, for example, want to pick up their order quickly on their way home from work. But also the new generation, already comfortable with this system used in various services such as catering.

Benefits for merchants

  • Just as practical for SMEs as for large retailers
  • Improved shopping and payment convenience for the customer
  • This means being open 24 hours a day
  • 45% make a new purchase when their product is withdrawn
  • Relieve queues
  • No problems with sending orders
  • The management of upstream order withdrawals
  • Social distancing

What are the benefits for the consumer?

The main advantage of pre-ordering is that it allows you to limit the waiting time on site, but also to plan the day and time of collection. In addition, unlike an online purchase, the customer will not, in most cases, have to pay the usual delivery charges. Even better, the consumer combines the advantages of online purchasing and in-store collection (phygital) since he can be sure that the latter will be available and that he will be able to travel.

Click and collect also encourages payment in local shops, since it is possible to locate the shops that collect orders in your area.

Integrate a click and collect CMS into your site


The module Drive - Click & Collect for Prestashop module allows e-merchants with one or more shops to manage and optimize the delivery schedule according to their shops, their days and hours of operation. This gives customers the choice to buy online and choose a pick-up time in the shop of their choice. All this on an interface designed for smartphone, tablet and computer.


The service BOPIS (Buy-Online-Pick-up-in-Store) is the Magento extension to integrate click & collect to your checkout. It offers the customer to pick up their order in the nearest shop or in a selection of other pick-up points on a map. After that, they schedule a day and time according to the shop they have chosen.


Like its counterparts, Shopify offers the "Store Pickup"This allows you to add eight pickup locations to your online shop with the basic CMS offering. It is then possible to set up the extension with preparation times and opening hours. In addition, you can import a CSV file that will update your inventory to optimise the pick-up points for your customer.

In-house CMS

In case you have built your own CMS you will have to go through your developer as for the creation of this one. He can use LGPL libraries to extend the CMS. He will have to add functionalities such as the choice between home delivery or shop collection as well as opening hours and the different shops or partners you have so that the customer can agree on an appointment in a collection point. In addition, don't forget to link the product database to the different shops so that stocks are always up to date and the consumer knows the most suitable place for a quick pick-up. 

Setting up the click and collect payment


Ikea allows its customers to check the availability of the product in its various stores in order to find the nearest or most appropriate outlet to pick up the order. If the product is not available in the shop of their choice, an email alert can be sent to them to let them know when it is available. The solution is then proposed to the consumer at the time of payment. 

It will cost €5 in an Ikea shop or €29 in a partner shop, which is still cheaper than the €39 home delivery. The customer can then choose a day and time that suits them to pick up their click and collect order by car or on foot in a queue reserved for them using their reservation code.


To create a click & collect at McDonald's it happens on their application. First you have to choose the restaurant you want, then you have to compose your order, a QR Code will be generated at this moment. It is this code that you will then have to scan when you pick up your order at the kiosk or at the drive-through. It is also at this point that the customer pays. The meal will only be charged and prepared once the consumer is sure that he or she wants to pick up the order, even though the click and collect has already been created. Also, the company offers to save the order so that it can be quickly re-selected another time.

McDonald's also offers to start cooking the order the moment the customer approaches the restaurant with "click & ready" in order to collect the order even faster.

Why click and collect with Fintecture?

A payment solution whether you have a site or not

With the Fintecture application, you don't need a website to generate a payment link to your customer. In fact, whether you want your customers to pay online or in person when they pick up their order, it's all possible. You can integrate Immediate Transfer Fintecture on your checkout with different CMS or on your smartphone with the app.

  • If your customer wishes to pay online and clicks on the Immediate Transferthey will be redirected to their bank, where they will authenticate themselves and validate the payment.
  • If you'd like to charge your customers on withdrawal, you can also do so with the Payment Request Fintecture application. All youneed to do is enter the information you've already provided, such as the customer's name, the order reference and the amount. A QR code is then generated on your smartphone for the customer to scan. To pay, they'll simply be asked to validate the transaction by authenticating with their bank as they normally do, and that's it!

The customer will not need to have the application, just a smartphone to scan the code. 

With the Fintecture application there is no need for an Eftpos terminalNo credit card is needed, no payment limit, you see the status of the payment in real time, the transfer is irrevocable and on your account within 24 hours.

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