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Immediate transfer boosts AKO10's average basket by more than 90%.

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AKO10 is an e-commerce site essentially B2C launched in 2009. The site includes three distinct platforms: my garden design, my home design and my sports equipment. In total, AKO10 now offers a vast catalog of products including 30,000 very diverse references (stairs, garden sheds, home furniture...). Active in France and in some neighboring countries, the pure player has nearly 14,000 customers.

Challenges: De-capitalize orders with a digital payment solution

Before using the immediate transfer Fintecture, AKO10 offered its customers traditional payment methods: credit card, check and bank transfer.

Yvan Osselin, founder of AKO10, wanted to offer his customers an innovative means of payment in order to diversify the dedicated payment offer on the one hand, and on the other hand to bypass the bank card payment limits.

AKO10 has integrated Fintecture's complementary payment solution to develop the activity of its e-commerce platform, with the aim of achieving even higher shopping baskets than those it had previously achieved.

"We knew that the immediate transfer was a payment method that would develop strongly and that it corresponded to the needs of our customers who very often place orders with large amounts, but who are constrained by the limits.

Yvan Osselin, founder of AKO10

Solution: Immediate transfer frees up payments by bypassing caps

Since September 2022, AKO10 has been using Fintecture's immediate transfer system on all its sites. 65,000 euros worth of orders have already been placed with the solution in two months and more and more customers are using it.

Immediate transfer

AKO10 benefits:

  • Increase in the amount of average baskets ;
  • Modernization of the online checkout ;
  • Quick installation Fintecture plugin in the CMS Magento.

Customer benefits:

  • Greater freedom of purchase by bypassing CB payment limits ;
  • Optimal user experience at checkout;
  • High level of securityno transfer of transfer of bank details being necessary;
  • Faster ordering without creating a supplier RIB.

When an AKO10 customer uses the Fintecture immediate transfer, he is redirected to his banking application to validate the transaction. The immediate transfer is irrevocable and the payment authorization from the payer's bank is immediate. The pure player can thus send orders without waiting.

Results: already an order of almost 10 000 euros thanks to the immediate transfer!

Yvan Osselin notes that: "The Fintecture solution was easy to integrate into our CMS"and Sophie, a sales representative at AKO10, added that: "Fintecture's monitoring tools are powerful and the data tables are very clear and easy to access."

In addition to its ease of use, the immediate transfer now allows AKO10 toaccess order amounts previously unattainable with traditional payment methods ... and that was the whole point of the pure player when it called on Fintecture! 

Given the good appropriation of the solution by the AKO10 teams and by the first customers, and considering its potential for the activity of the pure player, there is a strong possibility that the immediate transfer could be completed one day by another Fintecture payment solution in order to give even more flexibility to the AKO10 customers in their payment. 

1920 euros

Average shopping cart amount with immediate transfer (compared to 700 to 1000 euros by CB and check).


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"Instagrume reduces delivery times and facilitates rent collection with the help of the payment request".

"Testing the Fintecture payment was very simple and effective. I was convinced to offer it to my customers"

"GreenMotorShop uses the Fintecture payment application for its in-store and remote sales".

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